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General Objectives

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This work still is justified for displaying the universal access the essential goods and services to the dignity human being as: public transport of quality, habitation right human, security publishes and education. This remodelling of the public services of health requires time, planning and continuity of the actions in compliance with the necessities of the population. 3 Objectives 3,1 General Objectives To present the SUS as assistencial strategy of public health with social inclusion for other countries and sectors of the public politics. To mobilize the society for the necessity of the popular support for the sustentation and magnifying of the health services. To show that Brazil is capable to develop strategies of management for coherent the public services of health with the different realities and necessities of each region of the country. Referenciar this work of research so that it is available in data base of the Integrated Facultieses Jacarepagu for consultation and study. 3.2 Specific objectives To make a rocking of the twenty years of the SUS as strategy of management of the assistance to the health tracing a parallel with the history of the public health in Brazil.

To extend the quarrel on the popular participation in the construction of assistencial model for the health. To point a positive conception of the health as quality of life and that the government is not only responsible for the maintenance of this concept, but that each individual possesss its parcel of responsibility. To promote the spreading of the SUS in the academic scope. To identify imperfections in the assistance to the users of the public services of health. To acquire knowledge the workers of the health for the qualification necessity and improvements in the quality of the atendimentos of the health services. 4 Methodology of Research the first phase of the work was to select the sources of reference for consultation.

Physical Performance

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As result of these studies was diagnosised that a great parcel of the professors suffers some important physical and/or psychological patogenia, that intervenes directly with its welfare state, familiar and professional. Being able to be closely related with its environment and conditions of work

Amongst the physical problems diagnosised most common they are pains in the coasts and legs and calluses in the vocal ropes, and the psychological problems are distinguished, mental fatigue and nervousness, associates to the repetitive work, insatisfao in the performance of the activities, environment intranqilo and estressante, consuming in the relation professor-pupil, lack of autonomy and the sped up rhythm of work (. In education one of the problems more serious than the classroom it faces and that it is in ancestry it is the syndrome ‘ ‘ burnout’ ‘ , 2. This syndrome is a reaction the chronic emotional tension generated by direct contact extreme with other people, physical and mental exhaustion, unchaining loss of heart and desmotivao in being in classroom, transforming the exercise of the profession a penosa and obligator activity.

1999: … ‘ ‘ The work conditions constitute one of the main factors of the teaching malaise. Such conditions affect the physical and mental health of the professors taking them it the absenteeism and, to the times, the abandonment of profisso.’ ‘ … In unhealthy conditions of work, that is, physical and affective circumstances under which the professors mobilize its mental capacities, to reach the objectives of the pertaining to school production at any cost, can generate an exaggerated effort of its psicofisiolgicas functions, and when it does not have time for the recovery, it can unchain severe clinical symptoms (GASPARINI, S.M. et al., 2005). Thus, professors who face negative adversities in its environment of work unchain physical conditions pathological psicossociais, generating certified absentismo, excesses of, removal of the teaching activities and reduction of the quality of the work, developing a effect cascade of depreciation feeling, incompetence, frustration.

Treating Diabetes

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Person who orientates: Prof Dr Claude To sound Co-person who orientates: Claude Cristina Alves So Paulo 2008 Glicmico Index in the Treatment of the Diabetes Mellitus of the type 2 Luciana Patrician Rossato Petermann presented Monograph as part of disciplines Work of Conclusion of Course II. Person who orientates: Prof Dr Claude To sound Co-person […]

Exams and Diagnosis

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Still today, they are in test examinations capable to diagnosis, with precision, the Autismo, therefore so it is complicated to confirm its prevalence. As It hisses (2009), exactly with enormous advances in relation to the precocious identification and the diagnosis of autismo, many children, especially in Brazil, still continue per many years without a diagnosis […]

Physical Performance: Factors That Influence

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Fernando Columbus In a general way, the physical performance results of a set of all the physical and mental characteristics of the individual. Some are determined at the moment of the conception, for the paternal and maternal genetic material. Other characteristics can be acquired, later, for the processes of growth, maturation and learning, while others […]

The Part

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A natural enzyme (telomerase) in all exists the organisms livings creature that she is in charge proceeding to the maintenance of the telmeros. For each division of the cell it adds the part of telmero that it is lost in virtue of the same one, in way that telmero does not diminish and the cell […]

Clareamento Of Teeth

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Any one can have its teeth clareados, in case that exactly they are complete, with few restorations. Procedures of clareamento: Methods caretakers using chemical substances. Techniques used in the doctor’s office with the luminosity aid pra heating or laser. All can effect the clareamento. It differentiates what them is the time that are consumed pra […]

Surgical Center

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Introduction Particularly the Surgical Center (CC) must provide place adjusted for accomplishment of the anaesthetic-surgical and endoscpicos procedures. With the technological advances in the area of the robotics and the advent of the minimum invasive surgeries, with radiodiagnstico equipment use, the rooms of surgeries must possess adjusted dimensions to accomodate such equipment, as well as […]

Virtual Library

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The prenatal one is the name given to the medical accompaniment and of dedicated nursing the gestante and to the baby during all the gestacional period (10). In this accompaniment the nurse offers instructions to the future mother, as well-taken care of with the feeding, forms of if keeping comfortable, stimulation of the peak of […]