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Bariatric Surgery Changes

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At present, people with obesity and type 2 diabetes can improve their health through bariatric surgery for weight loss. At the 69th meeting of the American Diabetes Association takes the discussion of whether to change the current criteria for people who want to undergo bariatric surgery, arguing that the change, the more people who are overweight may be surgery to lose weight. Only a small percentage of patients who could benefit from bariatric surgery are eligible to submit to it. There is a 92% reduction in diabetes in patients who undergo an operation. Only those with a body mass index (BMI) over 40 and people with a BMI of 35 or more but who have illnesses caused or aggravated by obesity are candidates for surgery. According to Dr.

Francesco A. Rubino, this criterion to choose candidates for bariatric surgery should be changed. Gastric bypass surgery in According to Dr. Rubino, chief of gastrointestinal metabolic surgery of Weill Cornell Medical College, change the idea that he had diabetes as a chronic and irreversible. This is because the surgery, while allowing the person to lose weight, helps keep your blood sugar levels controlled and glucose. Bariatric surgery, in addition to remission of type 2 diabetes, solves the problems of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diminishes improves cardiovascular problems.

Dr. Rubino says that also increases the lifetime of the individual. The risks, says Dr. Rubino, are the same as in any surgery. In fact, mortality rates associated with bariatric surgery are children in all types of surgery. The complication rate is 15% only. Recent experimental studies suggest that the adjustment of the gastrointestinal anatomy through bariatric surgery is a key factor in the surgical control of diabetes. Beyond Burger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The surgery seems to address the mechanism responsible for the dysfunctional intestinal abnormalities in glucose balance. These data, which come from a study conducted and published by Dr. Rubino, indicate that type 2 diabetes is an intestinal illness and can be treated by the surgical procedure of gastric bypass. Still expected to collect more data on the outcome of bariatric surgery, particularly as related to type 2 diabetes. So far the benefits of bariatric surgery are fairly comprehensive, and more people are joining the ranks of people interested in this surgery performed. Obesity, when it affects health and the person can not lose the extra weight you have, can be treated with bariatric surgery. There are several alternatives within bariatric procedures including gastric bypass, the gastric balloon, and he or gastric banding. To be eligible for obesity surgery a person must have a body mass index greater than 40. The body mass index (BMI) is an index of the weight of a person in relation to their height. Although no distinction between fat and nonfat components of total body mass, this is the most practical method to assess the degree of risk associated with obesity. An ideal body BMI is between 20 and 25. Between 25 and 30 is considered overweight, 30 to 35 is mild obesity and 35 to 40, or more, morbid obesity. Goodbye Obesity has adequate comprehensive treatment to help you lose weight and keep under control his diabetes and other weight-related problems.

Emergency Suggested Method

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Everyone dreams of the skin that is healthy, smooth and radiant. This state of skin perfection would have to derive from proper and attentive care. Your skin can transmit their wishes, their nutritional needs and concern. Listen to your voice, be pampered with prompt attention, and your skin will maintain its very best condition ever. Balance: The first criterion for Perfect Skin At the heart of the latest global beauty concepts, lies the need for a balance of the skin, which is the primary criterion for perfect skin. Here, the “balance” refers to the natural physiological functions of the skin, such as regulation of moisture, oil secretion, sensitive reactions and organizational structures. Only when these four areas are regulated and balanced, the skin can present your very best.

On the contrary, if there is an imbalance in the four factors, skin problems develop accordingly. The emergency signal 1: dryness, low humidity, mild scaling, dry wrinkles Disclosure of the skin: functional imbalance in the regulation of humidity The best solution: emergency replenishment of moisture Suggested Method: They give the skin the nutrition it needs enough moisture. Choose the hydration products especially skin care containing natural minerals, moisture replenishment effective elements, vitamins, natural compounds, collagen, etc. warning signal 2: Insufficient or excessive oil, whiteheads, pimples, acne Disclosure of the skin: functional imbalance in the secretion of oil from the best solution: balance oil secretion Suggested Method: Choose the products to skin care oil absorption, reducing inflammation and eliminating properties germs. For skin that secretes excess oil, taking care of cleaning and reducing inflammation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viatris. Alert Signal 3: Fallen, the signs of aging like wrinkles of the skin Revelation: Functional imbalance in The best solution organizational structure: The nutrient replenishment Emergency Suggested Method: Focus on the replacement effective against wrinkles and skin-firming ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins different essences of protein, etc, to increase metabolism of the skin and restore its natural vitality in the shortest time. Warning Sign 4: weakness, itching, red patches of skin Revelation: Functional imbalance sensitive reactions The best strategy: Possible Emergency desensitization method: Conduct a self-diagnosis first.

If the condition is mild, nurse using Bel’Air’s prescription. If the condition is severe, involving burns or abnormal swelling, consult a doctor or specialist. Listen to your skin These are some signs of alarm that sounds when a problem in the balance of the skin occurs. In general, the prologue, take the form of itching. When the skin gives the signal for help, it’s time to give the nutrition and moisture it needs. In this way, you can really keep your skin in a state of healthy balance and optimal. So, when your skin sounds the warning signal in case of imbalance, not ever neglect. Putting the balance back into your skin glow and ensure its beauty!

Protect Your Body Against Infections

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Almost all diseases in the body trigger inflammatory reactions, whether it’s an injury, poisoning or an allergy. These reactions are always a sign that our defense forces are busy. First, the immune system must ensure that the invaders are destroyed. Once the blood coagulation system has sealed if present, injured bodies back, reduces the damaged […]

Symptoms Diagnosis

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ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) in children is no longer a rarity these days unfortunately. There is a special Verhaltensauffalligkeit in children. ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity syndrome) is very common in children. According to the statistical data about 10% of boys and 4% of girls in the United States suffer from this disease. There following symptoms in […]

Diagnosis: Dementia

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, To deal with this disease it starts way insidiously, barely perceptible for the victims themselves and their families but the diagnosis is a shock: dementia. Especially the senile dementia is widespread among older people aged 80 and over. Every third in that age group suffers from this disease. The private insurance Portal informs […]

The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer

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The journey into oblivion can be slowed down with non-invasive induction therapy. The news that ex-Schalke Manager Rudi Assauer (67) is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, has triggered a veritable media shock on the 31.01.2012 and shaken not only companions, football fans and television throughout Germany. The figurehead Assauer, this Ruhr area urType, this lumbering character, […]

Cause Diagnosis

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No sting – when the head rotates and revolves, is everyday life the real problem us all the different forms of dizziness are met before, without that we perceive it as something threatening. You’re only briefly and disappear. Others must fight with this feeling of Vertigo hours up to a day for months on end, […]

Deposition of Eggs

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However, if parasite eggs are not put at a time when performed test, his presence will not be perceptible. Some doctors recommend a 3-fold examination, but unfortunately, it does not help, because the process of deposition of eggs is not normalized. Often only from 8-10 attempts you can get truthful answer. The most reliable and […]

Getting Sick

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And this happens constantly, until the tree grows, look at the bark of any tree. Now, the mechanism became clear. Entered into the heart muscle stem cells under the influence of chemical environment heart muscle cells transform into heart muscle tissue. Introduced into the liver under the influence of chemical environment of the liver cells […]

Church House

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It is not easy given reconstruction personality, its new adaptation of the society from which she fell. We took a random histories hundred patients, drug addicts. Because of the drug 57 people left the former place of employment, 28 continued to work, but felt the discrepancy position to its physical and moral condition: because of […]