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Deposition of Eggs

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However, if parasite eggs are not put at a time when performed test, his presence will not be perceptible. Some doctors recommend a 3-fold examination, but unfortunately, it does not help, because the process of deposition of eggs is not normalized. Often only from 8-10 attempts you can get truthful answer. The most reliable and authentic method is to vrt (vegetative resonance test). With the help of medical selector patient are presented the frequency spectrum of the parasite (worm) and checked whether there is frequency data in the body (specific organ).

If the response is, then this type of worm found. It should be recalled that the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by the presence in the human parasitic worms should be handled only by a doctor. As a general rule, removing them from the intestine and should only be done in accordance with the prescription at home or in hospital settings. Anthelmintic should not be given at pregnancy, menstruation, fever and severe intestinal disease! Pinworms () parasitic in the final section of the small intestines and cecum rights. The length of females 12.9 mm, male – 2-5 mm. The worm's body white, with pointed ends.

Eggs are colorless. Females with eggs ready to lay down in the rectum, from crawling out and lay eggs (about 12,000) near the anus, are killed. Roundworm – roundworm reddish color, resembling earthworms. In humans, adult ascarids live in the small intestine. Females lay in the intestines of over 200 thousand eggs per day, the eggs do not develop in the intestine and excreted in feces outside and ripen in the soil.

Getting Sick

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And this happens constantly, until the tree grows, look at the bark of any tree. Now, the mechanism became clear. Entered into the heart muscle stem cells under the influence of chemical environment heart muscle cells transform into heart muscle tissue. Introduced into the liver under the influence of chemical environment of the liver cells turn into liver cells. Introduced into the cells of the pancreas under the influence of chemical of the pancreas are transformed into cells of the pancreas. In the case of multiple sclerosis restored myelin cells, or as they are called Schwann cells or fat cells, etc. Our conclusion – in Depending on the chemical composition of cells recovered as a particular organ or body part and blood composition. And the main thing.

The chemical composition of the environment of any organ or body part depends only on emotions. About this in detail in my article: Why do people get sick. Positive emotions create the chemical environment in which the transformation (transformed) stem cells into cells of any organ or any part of the body. A negative emotions on the contrary create a chemical environment that destroys the cells of organs and body parts and do not give to evolve (transformed) stem cells are sufficient in the human body. Stem cells or cambial cells or cells of the cambium is reproduced as a building material by the body in unlimited quantities. I propose to consider an example: After a six-month stay in space for astronauts there is a reduction of the density (rarefaction) of bones up to 20% in the lower body, leading to a decrease in their strength, thereby increasing the likelihood of fracture (osteoporosis).

Symptoms usually appear in osteoporosis women between 51 and 75 years. Two completely different groups of people, but the same disease. What are the similarities between the trained astronauts and women of menopausal age? The total is a negative emotion. Astronauts, trainee on the trainers' up a sweat, you can not avoid the same and that women who do nothing, considering himself old. Why? Because negative emotions are not dealt with long-term stay in space, have an impact on the body of trained astronauts, sacrificing most of the unclaimed body – legs. In weightlessness, the ship maneuvered by hand. And so in the leg bones of 20% density is less than the density of the bones of the upper body – arms. Women who think they are already old, do not live a sexual life, a little move and the brain gives while sacrificing lower body – legs, which is smaller than all to enjoy. And since osteoporosis. There is a building material "stem cells", but the chemical environment in both cases described, is created by negative emotions, the stem cells do not develop, that is not converted (not transformed) in bone cells, so there is disorder. But I made the opening in the field of medicine and proven methods of psychotherapy can very quickly train a person to feel good, driving their pleasant emotions. As a result, changing the chemical composition, and restored myelin cells in multiple sclerosis, recovered cells in the pancreas in diabetes mellitus, growth stops malignant cells in cancer. Heart muscle is restored at heart disease, increased breast size in women, genitals, both women and men, etc. etc. All of these "miracles" occur without the use of medicines and building materials are "stem cells" or "cambial cells" or "cambium cells. Now you know the most important secrets on Earth – how to create the human body.

Church House

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It is not easy given reconstruction personality, its new adaptation of the society from which she fell. We took a random histories hundred patients, drug addicts. Because of the drug 57 people left the former place of employment, 28 continued to work, but felt the discrepancy position to its physical and moral condition: because of […]

Health and Enzymes

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One of the main components of the correct attitude to health is regular use of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. But is there such a product, provided that it will be Natural, which contains everything? Yes, this possibly is – dietary Garant. Nutrition Guarantor consists of two kinds – extracts of fresh fruits and […]

Jack Applications

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Ever since it left iPad the medical community was very interested in the same and the applications iPad that could mainly be of utility to this discipline, for the surgeons. One thinks that it could be used in numerous tasks within a hospital and all the specialties would benefit almost, as well as the administration […]

Food For A Good View

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Did you know that eating better not only is good for your health, but it can also help you to improve your vision? As well, it does. A healthy diet and exercise are good for your health, also allowing your eyes to work properly. A healthy diet includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, […]

American Psychiatric Association

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The history of psychiatry is since its inception full brutalities. Patients were chained, whipped, had to suffer hunger or were tortured into utter submission. Therefore, it also rightly is death instead of help with the words\”paraphrased. In today’s society, she took a serious impact all over the world. Little has changed since the early days […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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The most effective treatment methods at a glance the tendonitis is a widespread disease that is accompanied by acute pain in the affected joint. The inflammation at the forearm or wrist occurs especially frequently. Cause is usually permanent and acute overloading or minor injuries such as for example joints. Once detected, the relevant part of […]

Healthy Sleep

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Professor Thomas Roth of the Research Centre for Healthy Sleep usa, found that sleep an hour longer increased sensitivity and attentiveness of the subjects at 25 percent! So the first rule – Identify and secure that the duration of sleep that you need, what would be awake and able to operate throughout the day. The […]

24 H Care At Home Around The Clock In Good Hands

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Optimal care in a familiar environment with increasing age is the everyday duty, help is needed for everything all of a sudden and in some cases vital body organs no longer sufficient work. Then seniors and those in care need to maintained 24 hours a day. Usually there are Eastern European assistants who offer such […]