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Civil Weddings

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Although it is your forte, fashion for gentlemen Felix Ramiro company carries more than two decades as one of the main references in the design of clothing for men from our country, not in vain it is the first concept of integral male fashion (it has six lines of different styles for man), ranging from casual wear to bridal costumesthrough all kinds of fashion accessories and underwear, as well as tailoring service. And precisely from his career of over 20 years in the world of bridal fashion handles optimistic figures on the sector. Figures that point that while the number of weddings declines in our country, the bridal fashion sector is enduring the crisis thanks both to increased spending per link, as exports, which now account for one-third of the 1.3 billion euros in turnover for the sector. And it is that, while the number of weddings registered last year in Spain (according to the National Institute of statistics) dropped 3.6%, reaching the 169.020, 98.439 of them were links of civil character, a figure which represents an increase of 1.3% over the previous year. With regard to the spending of a wedding, which is situated on average in Spain in volume to 20,000 euros, most goes to the banquet, but so much spending in the attire of the bride, the groom’s has increased gradually in recent years. This makes that brand arises a future full of optimism and great challenges. The first is to expand its presence throughout the Spanish geography, through franchising. The Toledo company begins to grant franchises both entrepreneurs and investors, who are passionate about the world of men’s fashion, wishing to bet on a brand philosophy directed to exclusive design and quality, but affordable, covering the needs of each of their clients, and also feel proud to show off a design made in Spain press.

Healthy Diet

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The saying food and drink keep body and soul together everyone probably knows, but what should you pay attention to feed ourselves healthy, nutritious and balanced? In the today’s rich food supply, it is not always easy to navigate and also the dietary recommendations in the media are not always helpful, but more confusing. But so hard, this is food is one of the most beautiful things in life do not, as well. Even after all the scandals involving BSE, genetic manipulation, hormone treatment, and others, it is still possible to enjoy and of course to eat. Nutrition experts also agree there. Healthy eating is a varied, balanced and fresh mixed diet that may quietly be prepared with much inventiveness today.

So many vegetable foods such as vegetables, fruits and grain products should be on the menu. It is also important to eat fats and meat, but also dairy and fish belong to a balanced diet and should not be forgotten. Of course, it is also particularly important to take sufficient liquid, such as mineral water, fruit and herbal teas, to maintain the concentration and performance. Coffee does not count. Already fluid losses of 2 percent significantly reduce the physical and mental capacity and not do well our body. You should choose again other dishes. These are no limits to the imagination. The varied combined, the better one is supplied with all essential nutrients.

Everyone other request to the diet, but if one responds to the needs of his body, it is not so hard to supply him with all important things and certainly our body will thank this us. Every day to decide what to cook delicious and healthy, is not always so easy. The preparation should be not too expensive, because if it is in everyday life, is not always the time to stand for hours in the kitchen.

Managing Director

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More and more companies support their employees for healthcare that force empty coffers in the health sector the statutory health insurance again and again to new cuts. The contribution of the insured already refer to wide parts of the supply. The practice fee, co-payments for drugs, dentures, glasses and screening increasingly strain the budgets of the insured. The current additional contributions lead workers to known reactions. It is saved, in part, because must be saved and you can no longer afford the now costly care. Occupational health schemes can help here. Retirement health care has now overtaken in the interest of workers latest surveys to follow-up. More and more companies react to this trend and are offering their employees about occupational pension schemes the opportunity, against costs, E.g.

for tooth replacement, new glasses, or check-ups, to hedge. While the share of the company, increases which is the Costs of hedging contribute financially or completely take over even after the American model. This trend is not surprising. “, so Mario Pustan, Managing Director of Hamburg based consultancy corporate pension partner CPP GmbH, more and more workers experience today on the own purse, keep apart feel the gap between rising costs and declining services in health care. This not only funds since the additional contributions, some legal, learns a new seriousness by them, however.

The results of already adopted pension reforms, however, will feel that workers in their own bodies only in a few years. That’s gone scarcely tangible and widely for many”. However, employers pursue not only social aspects. Funding for screening, E.g. absenteeism can perspective reduce, this leads to an increase in productivity. Also involves companies also the own outer appearance. Mario Pustan cited a Chief of staff with the words: I want to prevent that you can tell the employer on the condition of the teeth of the employee in the future. My staff can simply not afford costly capital investments. Here we must help and support”. Especially in times of shortage a clever integrated care model is also considered a plus and helps to secure talent in the future”, so Pustan. To get more information about this topic, see. Mario Pustan

Mineral Makeup

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As you become more aware of our environment and more aware of the products we are putting in and on our bodies, natural and homeopathic products are taking the cosmetic industry by storm. You may have noticed new skincare and cosmetic companies to appear with "all natural" and "organic." Of course, just because they say […]

Euro Skin Cancer Free

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Who wants to enjoy the paradisiacal islands of French Polynesia, should also prepare themselves we are living in a time where we can travel like never before! Even trips to the far corners of the world in the South Pacific are now accessible to millions of people in Germany. A trip to French Polynesia costs […]