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The Eyes

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Since the white color allows you to relax and find peace, orange, helps to overcome fatigue, reduce stress, get rid of depression. Purple stabilizes emotional state, the yellow helps digestion, improves skin, helps to concentrate. The impact of blue light – the best way to prepare a person to rest and quiet sleep, and green can rent headaches, normalize blood pressure and even play the role of antisepsis. Chromotherapy will be useful to all, because now there is absolutely healthy, not exposed to stress, dysfunctional environmental conditions, constant lack of sleep. Light treatment can restore normal sleep, relieve depression, irritability, frustration build biorhythms associated with trans-Atlantic flights and climate change, digestive disorders leading to anorexia or bulimia. To some this may seem surprising, but chromo successfully used in beauty shops in the treatment of skin diseases, restoring its elasticity, to get rid of cellulite. Gina Ross has many thoughts on the issue.

Total number of sessions is enough to feel energized, feel calm and self-confidence, fears and imbalances. Chromotherapy really works wonders. However, as with any other treatment, to produce the desired effect it is necessary to resort only to the services of specialists. After the reaction the color of each individual. So in addition to red tide forces can cause aggression, green – apathy, violet – the suppression of emotions. At the heart of chromotherapy as a treatment based on two mechanisms of human exposure – through the eyes and the skin. At the first color perceived receptors eye, causing a chemical reaction. This in turn causes the electrical impulses that stimulate the nervous system.

Liposuction Without Surgery

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Method Reabel, beauty-based medical show the Dr. Mariela Barroso off a slender figure is a natural aspiration of many of us. But much to weigh our eternal diets that we strive to fulfil to keep us on our weight and strenuous exercise sessions, that hateful accumulation of fat that we have adhered to our waist, hips, etc. refuses to leave us. Until just a few decades, the only effective way of addressing the problem of localized fat, was through a surgical intervention, with its usual costs and risks, but in recent years have developed novel techniques minimally-invasive body shaping, as it is the case of liposuction without surgery (LSC) or no-scalpel ago. The LSC is currently the most effective medical treatment to eliminate localized fat, without the need for hospitalization, no sick leave, no surgical complications and at low cost.

This technique is based on the infiltration of a solution tensoactiva (dehidrocolato of) sodium) similar to that produced by the gallbladder to dilute the fat. The dehidrocolato destroys the cells of adipose tissue (fat cells) in localized form. Before injecting the solution, the area to be treated must be cleaned and disinfected properly. Although a high tolerance to the treatment has been observed, the sodium dehidrocolato never should be injected in quantities greater than 40 cc per session or 25 cc in a specific anatomical area. Grease released by this product, is then dissolved by using ultrasound, passing to the lymphatic system, where is eliminated by the natural ways of the body (sweat, urine, faeces). In addition, ultrasound produces changes thermal, mechanical and chemical on adipose tissue, which have an effect of elimination of extra fat at the same time that improve microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of tissues. The infiltration of the tensoactiva solution can be repeated once a month, depending on the amount of localized fat.

While the application of ultrasound is recommended twice per week. The results obtained with this technique are permanent, since the adipose cells are destroyed directly. This procedure has been designed to mold the body, as well as to eliminate the FAT volumes that so disfigure. One is the ideal, suitable alternative for young people, that having a seemingly normal weight, fail to eliminate small accumulations of fat with physical exercise, or with severe and slaughtered food diets. With the LSC is not lost weight, only fat and centimeters. The price of the treatment will depend on the extent and characteristics of the area to treat. The LSC can occur in localized areas such as the in the upper region lateral thigh, also known as strips, in the abdomen, or in other areas that require it. The cost of the LSC may vary between 300 and 500. To address this inesteticismo in the Reabel method proceed through the following steps:- Medical evaluation, to obtain the diagnosis of health aesthetics, while identifying any other underlying pathology. -Recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and personal care for the treatment and prevention of overweight. -Presentation of the techniques available for treating overweight and choice of the most appropriate for the patient.

Slimming Thighs

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There is no doubt that is much obese people worried and frustrated to have fat in the thighs and suffering of cellulitis. I have the good and bad news to him. Somatic Experiencing is a great source of information. The good news is that if follows this guide, you definitively are going to thin his thighs quickly. The bad news is that you cannot selectively remove fat of an area in specific of his body, so she will be really removing greasy of all their body. I hope that he agrees Step 1: The first step to thin its thighs is to begin to eat breakfast. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. This will help him to ignite its metabolism for the day, and after one week to eat breakfast you will notice the difference in his energy level. While we spoke of food, he maintains a registry simple than he eats during every day, and how many calories consume in average. If one feels very motivated, also maintains a registry of the amount of fat that consumes.

Step 2: Now that knows how many calories consume in average per day, its goal will be to reduce that amount in a 10%. Why 10%? Because it is the sufficient thing like stops to do one differentiates, but sufficiently small like so that you do not suffer by the difference in the consumption. It will take a little discipline, but nothing compared to the majority of the crazy diets that there are that way. He combines this with having breakfast, and you will feel with much energy, more alert, and in this phase you will notice loss of weight. He will not be much even, but will feel you it (and all friendly will be observing with jealousy, even asking itself how to thin the thighs). Step 3: It is consuming less calories, the final step is to begin to burn more of them.

There are many classes of formulas to do this, but I prefer a method simple and easy to do: He does more than at the moment he does. In order to thin the thighs, to make exercises for the legs he will give the fastest results him because this will tonificar muscles of its legs. He does not have long time? When it is seeing its program of favorite television waits for the commercial ones, and does raised of leg (leg raises) while it sees commercial: This could not be easier! I know that it seems simple, but follows these 3 steps will be surprised with the results. And in only a few weeks! What I am on the verge of sharing with you you are a secret to burn greasy that nobody never will want to share with you. This secret will make him thin the thighs, and it will give very good form him to its body of very fast way.

Meditation and More

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Neutral Mind: the mind is intuitive, wise and balanced mind which is not involved, a witness who observes impartially. No sequence of thought will succeed until it achieves the status neutral and balanced. Mind it also represents service, humility and compassion. How the mind: The positive and negative minds must be in balance. (Source: Somatic […]

Making Dreams Come True

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Burn me close my eyes do I see you bring to me and do what I want what I want? I have no doubt have love again a love that tell me beside me talk I feel and sigh a love where you live be reason for life and breathe a man making dreams come […]