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Vibration Training Helps Against Cellulite

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15 minutes training daily to improve the appearance of the skin of the range of vibration plates range goes beyond the fitness – and Physoptherapie. Also as assistance with diets, the whole body vibration training provides valuable services. According to training goal, there are matching devices as exercise. Vibration training is effective in the fight against cellulite flab sagging contours vibration therapy metabolic support blood flow to muscle and all with little effort and little effort because vibrations affect differently arrives it on the target of user’s, before he puts together his individual training programme. Beginners should start with light and not too complicated units. The following 3 steps to follow are similar to when learning any new sport and leaning on the konventinelle strength training: easily start, intensity increase gradually until simple exercises, studying progressively more complexity known, later new try with the vibration plate can cover the following areas: strengthening / Muscle strain individually simply save time there is massage always many new trends and disappear highlights in the fitness industry, which have only a short life span and very quickly back from the stage. Not so the vibration training.

His historical roots go back to the 19th century, when American scientists, sought arms, treated legs and back, vibrating massage tools which promised success in the Parkinson’s disease. In the 70s already Soviet athletes with the positive effects of the training worked, just as astronauts will use it to get your muscle strength. With the startling plates is also under the terms * whole body vibration *(WBV, Ganzkorpervibration), * rhythmical neuromuscular stimulation * (RNS) or * biomechanical stimulation * (BMS) known. In about 10 percent of the time, that spend would be for a conventional training, the whole body can be strengthened. And with simple exercises, which for almost all ages are suitable. More and more studies show the benefits of vibration training for athletes and the general fitness training. Studies relating to athletes show the positive effects in terms of explosive power, strength and flexibility, while in the context of general fitness training, mobility, pain relief, muscle relaxation, balance and blood flow uses particular success in the areas. Vibration training can lead to significant successes in many areas. Beauty from the inside outward with a force of smooth muscle training! Further background information on vibration exercise, vibration plates and therapies.

Bodybuilders and Abdominal Muscles

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Paradoxically, many modern bodybuilders manage to combine the sharpness of abdominal muscles, low body fat, and "pregnancy"! It is this impression arises in the presence of ptosis (drooping) of the internal organs, unthinkable in the days of Serge Nyubre and Chris Dickerson, when the judges appreciated not only the massive and "obodrannost" muscle champions, but also the aesthetics of their proportional bodies, in particular, narrow, tighten the waist. Here are the possible causes of ptosis of the abdominal cavity in athletes: 1. Overly large portions of food, swallows bodybuilder in pursuit of an extreme "weight". 2. Wrong strategy for training the abdominal muscles, aimed only at developing a bump and oblique muscles, but can not compensate for such unsightly bulging belly.

A brief overview of anatomy of muscles anterior and lateral walls of the abdominal rectus abdominis – m. rectus abdominis. The same "tape of the dice, much valued in aesthetic terms. Long, steam room, flat muscle, cartilage, stretching from V-VII ribs and xiphoid process to pubic bone. Muscle interrupted by three or four transverse tendinous intersections, which creates a kind of the same "washboard". Action: is part of the abdominal, torso tilts forward, brings the sternum to the pelvic area. Direct abdominis muscle – one of the strong abdominal muscles, a powerful flexor spine. Strengthen this muscle are two basic types of exercises: raising the legs and pelvis when a fixed thoracic cage in the sitting position and supine, lifting the torso at a fixed pelvis in the supine position.