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Rubem Alves

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Leaving of the carried through research, the data had been analyzed from critical reading and dialgica writing from the authors. Consideraes final To promote an education inclusive is a commitment that all the society has that to assume. Only thus, with all together reflecting and if delivering of body and soul the practical ones of new ethics and new values, will be possible to transform current society with its vile and unhealthy concepts. Becoming it inclusive in fact. Being able, therefore, its schools to receive, to receive, to allow the permanence and to guarantee equality of learning for all, independent of social, physical, intellectual, cultural condition and others. The inclusion, therefore, is not a responsibility alone of the school, or alone of the professor, but, a social responsibility, being, however, a responsibility of each one and all. How much to the anguish that many professors feel, the solution is if to become critical and militant greaters of the education of quality; to extend its fields of fight in favor of its rights as: the professional valuation.

To have a worthy work where they are proportionate conditions to offer an education of quality that as much they charge to them and which the pupils deserve, they need and they have right. Not to keep silent, if to intimidate, nor to take for itself responsibilities of outrem. Clamar to all and to show to its responsibilities and its respective papers, promoting thus, a social conscience, after all, this is its great noble paper! It is crucial to believe and to fight for better chances of work and, over all, learning for all: pupils and professors. It is hope, but fight time also. Hope of being able to see the day where the society recognizes and values truily its great legacy to the humanity. Although mazelas and of it makes that it to abate, is necessary to awake the educator who if perhaps finds asleep, therefore its mission to educate will only become impossible to give up themselves itself exactly and to leave to believe its proper action. After all, the educators are the soul of the school and this is the great hope of social transformation. Being thus, &#039 will be necessary to open sections to adentrar in palco of the life the veramente main personages; ' alunos' ' that they have the right to dream, to have hopes, to be respected, to construct to its projects of life with dignity and hombridade, therefore as described Rubem Alves: ' ' An educator is a founder of worlds, mediator of hopes, shepherd of projetos' ' for in such a way she will be necessary to bet in the projects of the pupils who are projects of dreams, proj


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Second Ges (2000) the community of the deaf people makes possible the child to mean itself as deaf, as well as makes with that it if sees as subject pertaining to a language accomplishes, that it presents proper characteristics and that is configured as identity source. The deaf person and the family the family has a basic paper for the development of any child, being responsible for the formation of the behavior, of the development of the personality, the moral, of the life and pertaining to school, social and cultural evolution, therefore they know that only thus they will obtain to promote the welfare and to give to protection they, with the objective to form independent citizens to be inserted in the society where they live. Each family has its proper culture, rules, myths and beliefs where they believe, thus sharing a proper and only ideology, what she makes with that has balance between its members so that they can live and coexist in a familiar nucleus. In accordance with Parolin (2005, P. 39.) ‘ ‘ the great art of the family is to remain famlia’ ‘ , more important it is always to remain itself joined in its difficulties so that they can reach the objectives considered for them. In relation to the deaf son, everything occurs this, and beyond everything, it starts to appear to the concern in relation to the learning of this child and which the best form so that they can educate it thus it can be accepted in this such existing society.

The act to generate a child in the interior of the maternal uterus is considered as a miracle, the one of the experiences most important that the woman can live, where expectation gains space and the innumerable cares and attentions, who the woman already has, start to be well bigger so that the baby is born healthful.

Perennial Philosophy

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And the new science concerned with spiritual matters more deeply, not superficially, where institutions are completely spiritual and not corrupted by things that usually form. As commented that people should relate to each other, since there is no spiritual isolation; must share the wonders of the universe there. The Way of the Perennial Philosophy (2004). […]

Perennial Philosophy

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The proposed holistic education, retrieves and integrates the subjectivity of the universe, to a better understanding of our own nature, it provides the individual as a being in evolution, with different dimensions and different levels of development, who is must educate the key elements: cognitive, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and spiritual, to form a more […]