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The Oak

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Through different paths and trails that run through this natural enclave, is they perceive scents and fragrances of open scrubland and little port that are developed under the tree cover: Andalusian thyme, Rosemary, gingermint, matagallo, ruda, fennel, palmito, Esparto grass, etc. There are species that have always been in the pantries of grandparents, since they have been countless home remedies for various ailments under its healing properties. Forming part of the grassland, in forest clearings, may be one of the most evolved of the vegetable Kingdom families: the orchids, which together with the plant endemics that are conceived to the geological and climatological particularities of this saw, constitute the main botanical wealth of this. On the other hand, the oak is accompanied by a dense and bushy scrubland composed of kermes oak, mastic, Juniper, cornicabra, torvisco and jaras. Fauna, in the past was very diverse, but currently due to the deterioration of saw, and their exploitation, is being resducida considerably. Already in the vicinity of the peak of Mijas, 1,150 m above the sea level, we find species such as: Kestrel lesser, Iberian imperial Eagle or Hawk calzada.

In a context where domina la encina, in whose trunk vive la gineta expected pacientmente a garden Dormouse passing through your area, having the audacity to pick it up before the eagle owl. You can also find: Fox, Iberian wolf and some other deer, although becoming is more difficult to find us these animals. As night falls we can hear some stones rolling down the mountain, and if we show attention we can see some mountain goat in his regular night shift in search of water. Wildlife species that inhabit the Sierra de Mijas form part of a framework in which the disappearance of any parts can cause a serious imbalance on the ecosystem. But the destruction and the continuous degradation of the habitat of these living beings are endangering its continuity. Highlighting the overexploitation that is exercised in this ecosystem through quarries. If you want more information click on this link. Original author and article source

The Physician

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No doubt it is very valuable, but the nature of matter that is addressed, requires a framework and listen more epecializada. The mere disposal, which is not transformed into a thought, produces at best temporary relief that does not protect against future floods, and symptoms of flooding. Whether he is discharged and in which we listen, and the continuation of the chain in other colleagues. It is paradoxical to note that we that we care, do not take care. That has full force of "in house wooden knife smith." Doctors from the patient with terminal somatic illness. The doctors we are in our work, from the obligation to process the requirements described above. In the rare case in point, the terminally ill, so not liable for unknowable process, confrontation with death.

The claim that terminally ill inevitably represents we will become all terminally ill patients, and that always threatens to come from the exterior. In truth is with us from birth. The core thanatic lethal lives with us, just wait silent and active. At any time, any one of us becomes terminally ill patient. Listening to the patient, shows that their discourse, bears a mark which is beyond the physician subjectified listening. Commonly used expressions such as "had a monotonous voice, or whistling, or humming sounds, or made me drowsy, I left confused, his speech inundante left me dizzy, I understood nothing of what I said," are expressions that we say is not safe. Nor is it safe so we do not say clearly, but through silence, body language, family, or the surrounding context.


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Here is how to lose weight in 2 days. It is fast, it’s easy, is painless. If you want a way to lose weight without any problems, this is for you. How much weight you lose do not know it.? Obviously everyone is different. Ways to lose weight in two days 1.

Starts with snacks snacks are the easiest way to transition from losing weight through your diet. There are plenty of healthy low calorie snacks to choose. Here are some cheese for Fajitas, apples, low calorie yogurt, protein bars (see the amount of sugar in them), pickles and beef jerky.Certainly, there are some things on this list that you like. Starts eating them as snacks. None of these things are inconvenient. 2 Stay active for 2-3 minutes at a time will surprise you to know that this type of exercise is good for accelerating your metabolism that is. Burn body fat, while you do nothing in particular. It is not necessary to exercise for 30 to 90 minutes.My suggestion is to use times of TV, commercials before and after cooking, before you go to the bathroom, etc plans to do some kind of exercise for 2-3 minutes.

Some options are jumping on the mini-trampoline, hula hula or jump rope. 3 Ve when you drink something is better not to drink something in your meals. This causes digestive problems due to dilution of the mouth and esophagus enzymes. If possible, drink (water, with stevia in it) 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after eating. So as you can see these are some tips that will help you lose weight in two days. Apply these tips from today and you can get rid of some kilos in just two days. Harto that you say fat? Not tired of hiding your tummy from others? Tea would like to lose weight quickly? If so, you must see this free presentation that you would teach how to lose 2.5 Kilos in a week! Don’t waste more time and see your free presentation now!

Fat and Calories

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On the internet there are several methods that do not work for nothing. They are traditional diets. You say: Hey if you eat a minimum amount of calories, weight low. This works initially, because it is impossible to lose fat permanently killing of hunger. The human body is not dumb. On the contrary, it is […]

Increase Muscle Mass

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If you want to increase weight form most practical is to start by a power to increase muscle mass, i.e. win healthy body to change certain habits. The first step is starting with the appetizer that one you like but does because this indication?, because there are people who by their thinness, always resort to […]

Tips To Lose Weight

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Many people believe that starting a diet means to deprive themselves of food. However, not so, since, to lose weight, we need to ingest nutrients that enable the body balance. Extreme diets are not recommended by professionals, since they can negatively alter the functioning of the entire body. The first thing we have to keep […]

Healing Couples In Aid Digestion

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Holidays, feast … Every year during the holiday temptation abundance of food causes digestive system work overtime! Health-System – "Herbal Sauna", effectively combining a pair of warm and Herbs Your reliable assistant to support the body. The system of "herbal sauna '- is prevention and treatment of warm steam, enriched with herbs through the skin. […]