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Federico Garcia Lorca

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Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin in 1929 which is the antibiotic that destroys disease, today also used chloramphenicol, tetracyclines, is prevented from spraying with DDT, far were doctors and friends of Carrion, Arcemios Mestanza, Los Corpanchos, Los Odriozola and others heal with beef and wine, soup with goat milk well boiled, with Texas based on camphorquinine, sugar, phenol, and Valerian. THE legacy of Carrion Los doctors of the Peru, that after long years of studies, hardships and personal sacrifices family, (covering all of our youth), just finally plethoric of hopes, plans and goals, which evanescen at the first door, the incorrigible reality, expressed in the professional exercise full of hardship and backwardness, living still, with high rates of morbidity and mortality, with high rates of parasitic, with the reappearance of diseases already forgotten, such as cholera, Malaria, TBC and the same Bartonellosis and over importing epidemics such as AIDS and other. The doctors of Peru, abandoned by the State and successive Governments, from inmates, Serums and residents up to the great masters, from those who work in dilapidated Postas the punctuated and mountain, until those who do so in national hospitals, from those who wield in large cities, to those who work in villages where there is no light, drinking waterInternet, phones, and no comfort from medical assistants to great servants, from teachers to the unemployed, since the assets until retirees, from those who have work schedule until the Subocupados, we all celebrate October 5 our day, all have inherited a bit of heroism of Daniel, a bit of humanism and as well as that went with his innocent provincial morcelasamid the anonymity, drinking that so sweet and so beautiful, so crystalline liquid of the Catolica(como dijera San Agustin) faith, also breaking the slave chains of the need, in an act of the human being, an act of freedom and responsibility, us saving lives every moment, in operating rooms, in ICUs, in emergencies, on the Box of Neonatology in the hemodialysis units, saving lives in every corner of la posta or Hospital, without distinction, without headlines, in the midst of our morcelas and anonymity, unjustly persecuted by codes and standards to punish our mistakes, persecuted by judges and prosecutors as the nefarious judge Michelle Foster-who want to see in our white coverall synonym of God, when just men with strengths and weaknesses, with might and fears – that we exert the medicine as an apostolate apasasionante, pursued by earthly estulticias that breathe in our necks looking for our misdeeds, when our philosophy and training is doing good, curing, we are saving lives, don’t do dano(Primun Non Nocere-lo primero no hacer dano-), why is that alone with God, we are alone, that the scale of our actions is favorable to the unrestricted defence of life and health, because in times of uncertainty and misfortune associated to diseases, society need illusions to conjure the discouragement, art to feed his dream, science to nourish your optimism and faith to believe and in this historical struggle there will always be a physician, brandishing their science, art, and faith against diseases and returning the enthusiasm, optimism and laughter to society both so Federico Garcia Lorca had sung for you doctorsHealth suspirada by all, will step hard land, with wide feet of silver and GOETHE, German novelist would have included October 5, as an emblematic date in his brilliant the mysterious workshop in God, therefore from this bed, wake up my fist as those Romans and I toast saying health and long life doctors of PERU, HEROES anonymous in the daily struggle against the disease and death!

Crowe Original

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When the man ejaculates, he loses all nutrients. When a woman has an orgasm she produces secretions that are also composed of large amounts of nutrients, but unlike men, these nutrients are not lost, since they stay inside and are reabsorbed by the body.

In Taoism there is what is called Yin ang Tang, which granted in sex disciplined to bring the excess Yin. This harmony of Yin and Yang is also used in medicine and Taoist granted as follows: The man must learn to control ejaculation in order to maintain all necessary nutrients in your body to absorb them for their own benefit. When a woman has an orgasm and produces secretions, man absorbs also to strengthen their body. This may seem a bit illogical and fanciful, but it is well known that STDs and AIDS, are spread through sex, then why can not possibly by the same means in which bacteria or virus exchange, exchange nutrients?

During treatment, the man and his partner should have sex as much as possible during the day (without exaggeration, of course.) While women have more orgasms, more discharge of nutrients can be absorbed into the man and the more orgasms (without ejaculation) have the man, more intense blood flow occurs in the genital area, which facilitates the absorption of both secretions of women as their own secretions.

Depending on the age and physical health of man is as it should regulate the frequency of their ejaculations. The younger and healthier you are, the more often you can afford to ejaculate. The larger or ill, may be their less frequent ejaculations. When a man is allowed to ejaculate, you must ensure that caused enough orgasms to your partner to benefit from these secretions and to compensate for the loss of their own. After intercourse, the medicine man should sit down and help your body absorb the nutrients, both yours and your partner, and harmonizing their sexual energy. Today’s science has already ascertained that a person who has frequent orgasms, she is a healthier, less stressed and more happy who does not have orgasms. Orgasm is an excellent therapy for stress. The problem we have in our culture is that we have learned to see with morbid sexuality rather than seeing it as it really is: a safe and enjoyable event and the only natural way to create the miracle of life.