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Marine Medicine

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If coming into the body drinking water is close to the value of AFP AFP internal environment of the human body, the electrical energy of the cell membrane (the vital energy body) is not spent on the activity of correction electrons of the water and the water is absorbed immediately, since it has biocompatibility of this parameter. If your drinking water is more negative ORP, ORP than the internal environment, it is fueling it with this energy that is used by cells as an energy reserve of antioxidant defense against the adverse effects of the environment. Perhaps check out Bruce Shalett for more information. If you have the ability and desire, you can get to the place of residence in the mountains to sources of living water, such as the Himalayas in the Hunza Valley, where they beat the amazing water keys, allowing the inhabitants of this valley survive to 120 years and still does not hurt most of the diseases of modern civilization. But not in a hurry, especially since most residents of modern Russia and the resorts can not go. The fact that Russian scientists and engineers on the basis of thorough scientific research conducted in: St. Petersburg Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Pasteur, Federal Science, "North-West Scientific Center of Hygiene and Public Health" (St.

Petersburg), Federal Science, "Research Institute of Industrial and Marine Medicine" (St. Petersburg), Federal Science, "Institute of Toxicology" (St. Petersburg) created a number of facilities for preparation of water having a natural life-giving potential, one of which is "AkvYav", which combined several methods of water purification and implementing a strategic goal – combating oxidative stress that occurs in the human body.


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There comes a time , during the first 2 weeks of gradually removing any abnormal symptoms, and then installed in an asymptomatic for malaria until the late recurrences. The duration of latency can be up to 9-11 months (for malaria with short incubation). Personal reasons (cooling, blood loss, trauma, etc.) can provoke relapses 3-4 months after the initial attack. The distinctive features of recurrence of reinfection is a regular alternation of attacks, a large number of malaria parasites in the blood and the ease of their detection in the presence of gamonts Diseases are the leading metamalyariynymi splenitis, hepatitis with the outcome of liver cirrhosis, anemia giporegeneratornaya. Falciparum malaria is sometimes characteristic of malignant course.

These forms include the spring, lightning, shape. Occasionally observed before 1960 among school-age children and less often in adults in northern and middle areas of the former USSR during the late recurrences (in the absence antirecurrent treatment) and clinical manifestations were similar to acute meningitis (a sudden rise in temperature, excruciating headache, vomiting, unconsciousness, convulsions). Deaths can occur within hours of the temperature rise. Quartan (below indicate only major differences from falciparum malaria). Can occur anywhere. Season fresh diseases – from August to October. The incubation period – 14-25 days.

As an exception happens prolonged incubation. The clinic is characterized by a four-day malaria correct, regular alternation of attacks. They occur in accordance with the 72-hour cycle of schizogony in two days for a third. Duration of paroxysms – About 12 hours, apyrexia – 60 hours latter fact explains the relatively benign course. Chills and sweats are less pronounced than in falciparum malaria. If you have read about Bruce Shalett already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Late relapses occur in the III quarter. Duration Is the most severe form of malaria. The incubation period is 9-16 days. Typical paroxysms are rare. Amazing chill and pouring sweat, usually does not happen. Duration of attack up to 36 hours, and apyrexia patients may experience agitation, delirium, sometimes associated hemorrhagic syndrome.

The Disease

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So that the main thing – early detection of pathological condition. And then the baby transferred to a special diet, will not lag behind their peers. Of inflammatory bowel disease isolate the main and most serious – a disease Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Diseases affect mainly urban residents aged 20 to 40 years, that is, […]

Quality Food

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These people can stop reading the article. CHAPTER 2: Only the most persistent But we are strong with you, we will take for themselves, and even if we did not and was invited to appear in commercials, at least on a local beach we will be pleased to flaunt a new swimsuit. And now starting […]

Honey And Allergies

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Allergy and honey you are denying yourself a sweet, fragrant honey and useful because of the propensity to allergies? Your body reacts to a lot of sweet in their diet? How to understand the nature of these unpleasant manifestations, and to deal with them? For a start take a look at what is an allergy. […]

The Eggs

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Although turkeys are raised almost everywhere in the world, their eggs are rarely available. Birds are usually bred for their meat, so the eggs are left to breed. However, perhaps in the villages or on farms can be found such eggs. The difference with the chicken yaitsami very small and can be to use for […]

Health Restoration and Preservation

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This should be a national program. But each person individually, too, should be interested in such programs, let alone the preservation and restoration of their own health is in weekend specifically may decide to plan and, of course, himself, reconciling all these questions with your doctor. This is clearly seen now as an example to […]


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Cranberry berry unusual, having a juicy pulp. We need only think of this berry, as it begins to exert its effect on humans – to cause salivation. It is no accident cranberry drinks used to excite the appetite and improve digestion. Growing cranberries in the northern and middle belt of European Russia, Siberia, the Urals […]

Healing Couples In Aid Digestion

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Holidays, feast … Every year during the holiday temptation abundance of food causes digestive system work overtime! Health-System – "Herbal Sauna", effectively combining a pair of warm and Herbs Your reliable assistant to support the body. The system of "herbal sauna '- is prevention and treatment of warm steam, enriched with herbs through the skin. […]

Changes Calories

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When you quickly lose pounds in a few days, your body vosprinemaet this signal, as the threat of famine and goes into 'survival'. He is struggling to maintain fat reserves, and the main weight loss comes from fluid and muscular parts. Never skip meals, especially breakfast and in between meals you can eat 'healthy snacks'. […]