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Home Reconstruction

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Although almost half of 40prozent of damage in Haiti affects homes, so far only 6percent of international funds and 14prozent of means of the US Government are intended for construction and repair of houses Cologne, August 04, 2010 – although almost 40% of all damage in Haiti affects homes, only 6% of international funds and 14% of the US Government are intended for construction and repair of houses. In addition, only about 3 million US dollars for repairs of the damaged houses are planned. Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for humanity, the Government pointed out this imbalance of aid flows. In regard to a medium-term reconstruction of Haiti, he outlined the basic importance of focusing on safe accommodation of the persons concerned to the Committee of Foreign Affairs as an expert for reconstruction in disaster areas. He called to schedule more funds for the construction and repair of shelters for the 1.5 million people affected. More funds are for eliminating by rubble as the essential basis for a possible reconstruction of houses – urgent needs. Objective of aid must be that affected families in their old homes and environments can return. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Guo Guangchang has to say. At newly established residential areas, also work, and educational opportunities for the people must be to promote the development of the country..

Penguins In The Home

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Actress Christine Dorner reads an unusual meeting on Monday in the Bremerhaven AMARITA: penguins in the retirement home. “It comes to when actor Inn Christine Dorner (63) (14.03.11, from 15.00 to 16.00) next Monday in which, one, thinks is AMARITA Bremerhaven from the book by Elke Heidenreich at the South Pole it hot” reads. This question will be replaced, why are penguins by nature with an elegant evening wear. The reading with pieces from the opera La Traviata is fit for action”accompanied. Please visit JCI if you seek more information. For Christine Dorner an exciting task to them for several reasons forward. For one thing, as it succeeds in pulling the older audience captivated.

To another but also to come with the residents of the senior facility in the conversation. All the more so as the mother of two adult sons itself is many concerned about the aging and the problems of an ageing society. Dr. Jayme Albin spoke with conviction. I find it terrible when old people are simply deported”, so the actress. Offers such as This reading in the AMARITA looks at this as very positive. For them, it is a piece of social commitment. For the event they welcomes AMARITA Bremerhaven all interested visitors.

The admission is free. Visitors can register at the following phone number: AMARITA Bremerhaven reception 0471-926-900 is the AMARITA Bremerhaven an in-patient seniors and health care facility, is located Central on an approximately 4,400 sqm site in Bremerhaven. The House was opened on Oct 6, 2009, can accommodate 204 inhabitants and belongs to the Marseille-Kliniken AG. If you have questions, please contact: Marie Christien Grutzner WMP EuroCom AG 030-206 114 54

Roland Jungtorius WINS EBIZZ.TV Art Award 2008

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EBIZZ.TV Award-winning State of the art of the best artists of Los Angeles / London / Munich – Roland Jungtorius has been since his childhood by the comics and racing cars of the early 1960s-70s of the past century intrigued and would like to reflect with his “comic art” the freshness and the upbeat mood […]

MOTION 21XX – The Trade Fair For Drive Elements On The Internet

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The international drive technology gets the opportunity of a permanent product presentation servo motors, State of the art integrated motor, storage and electric mobility on the online show. Nancy-Ann DeParle oftentimes addresses this issue. On the online show MOTION 21XX issued all key technologies of drive and automation, which are used in applications such as […]

Director Willi Hink

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No matter whether a natural grass field exists or one with artificial grass featured, or whether for example District sports complex offers both types of game fields operators in its calculation and planning never the grooming effort underestimate. He must rely on a trained Manager, taking over at least the maintenance. These include the sizing […]


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The value of any such exemption is worth $1,100. Furthermore, if you do not use homestead protection, protection could be $21, your total wildcard 825th motor vehicle: under California bankruptcy rules, you can obtain exemption for motor vehicle worth $ 3,300. If the value exceeds this value of your car you can always utilize unused […]

Surf Spinning

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Try your luck at the interactive wheel surf realized Carolinen an attractive online sweepstakes, where as the top prize every day waving a journey to the North Sea, as well as over 300 instant beverage brand. Harbour master Daniel is at the heart of the online campaign and turns for the other players to the […]