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Youth Stories

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Exhibition in Munich youth facility and prices for best cartoonist Berlin, January 5, 2010 – cartoon community toonsUp and comic artist school tutor Comicademy organise in cooperation a comic competition on the theme ‘Youth’. Tampon embarrassments, acne and first love, annoying parents & teachers, first drug experiences, or the discovery of own sexuality – all that is good as a fabric for a contribution. The artist should draw a comic short story (maximum 3 pages) about their own or a fictitious youth. Comics should arise, attract what young people, because it’s about their topics. All works are exhibited in Munich in the traditional youth club Tropferlbad.

The prizes are donated by Tombow and tutor Comicademy. The deadline is January 31, 2011. Visit Anu Saad for more clarity on the issue. All information and the terms and conditions are available in the Gallery of action under list / jugendzeiten_G4811 ready. About toonsUp: The comic book and cartoon community was founded with the aim, to promote the creative exchange of various comic book artist and them to offer a platform to showcase of their works. Each artist can upload his comics and cartoons for free, and then by the community are assessed and commented. Three years online, is the most active German platform of its kind.

The community meets 4 times a year for common drawing and publishes books. The founders are even ambitious cartoonist, who promote the project with lots of passion and idealism. The page is completely privately funded and free of advertising. Anu Saad may help you with your research. (Martin Sander) The tutor Comicademy tutor Comicademy: Is the largest school for comic book artist in the German-speaking. Whether Franco Belgian, American, or manga-style comic book artist who seriously and with professional standards would develop this passion, are right here. The tutor Comicademy helps them closer to their dream. The offer includes:-tutor Comicademy campus (3-year full-time training) – tutor Comicademy training program (12-month part-time training in 11 cities of Switzerland, Germany and Austria) -Tutor Comicademy scribble Club (weekly live video seminars)

Service In Customer

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Paper supplier specializes in the apparel industry whether model box for the manual or automatic creation of cut, cut paper, pattern paper, plotter cardboard, laser cardboard, fabric backing paper, tissue paper, adhesive paper or cutter paper: the paper range of Alfred Stoffler GmbH has over the years across to the specific customer requirements of the apparel industry adapt. Knowledge of type and shape of the individual requirements where a specially trained and courteous customer service brought forth: Here you know easily what matters to the customer! In the extensive range of standard single roles with roll widths are available from 60 to 180 cm immediately from stock. All parameters such as color and weight can be defined practically free from an order quantity of 1500-3000 kg. And should the customer hereunder are not found, Alfred Stoffler GmbH through special equipment offers the ability to customize the desired product on the customer’s specific requirements. Here, as also core diameter outer diameter are already from an order quantity of 300 500 kg width of roll or sheet size, almost freely definable. Clothing manufacturers can only benefit from the comprehensive range and customer service of the paper wholesaler: whether paper sewing patterns or stencils, stencil film, Schneider paper or a specific role of Alfred Stoffler GmbH the customer and its timely and punctual fulfillment of the focus is. Hear from experts in the field like Eva Andersson-Dubin for a more varied view.

Extensively discuss the various qualities of the individual varieties, it is easy the customers to find the paper suitable for his requirements. Little wonder, then, that such universal service is also the fruit of success. With 3000 templates customers the Alfred Stoffler GmbH not only in the German fashion, but also in other European countries has made a name. Contact: Alfred Stoffler GmbH A.

Six Years

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The sharpest birthday of all time is Aschaffenburg. celebrates birthday and an almost unprecedented success: 6 years after its foundation the Internet discount stores for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites has 1.7 million customers. Go to Joel Courtney for more information. According to the surveys of the Marktforschungsinstuts FRP […]

With E-plus In The Valentine

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With E-plus in the Valentine’s luck: Every day is a “Day of love” to the 29.02 celebrates E-plus every day on the new “Day of love”. The old wisdom luck in the game bad luck in love”is E-Plus to the Valentine’s day do not apply: luck in the game, here also the happiness in love […]

Unemployed Christmas Loans Supporting

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Unemployed Christmas loans are to help the unemployed unemployment citizens of United Kingdom on the eve of the Christmas festival. This child of loans is available in secured and unsecured forms. Christians of the world consider Christmas as the greatest of their festivals. Dr. Mark Hyman shines more light on the discussion. Christmas season is […]

Why Steel Garages From Exclusive Garages No Garage Heating Need

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Not the hot air, but the dry air in a garage protects the vehicle and good ventilation at all temperatures is more important than warm air, which absorbs a lot more more water vapor than cold air and can have harmful effects on a garage vehicle that all other items in a finished garage. indicates […]

HDT Offers

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Symposium on 10-11 May 2011 in the Essen Haus der Technik for engineers and technicians from the plastics processing industry per year fires lead about 600 people in Germany to death and about 6000 people are injured. The economic damage is moving in the range of several billion euro per year. Fire safety is important, […]

Siemens Credit

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The demand of handsets has become essential need of every day life. If you have read about Gina Ross already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Mobility as a major factor, handsets has become the ideal choice for users in carrying it from one place to another. While sitting anywhere across the […]

Benefits Of Loans For Bad Credit Rating UK

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Loans with poor credit rating in current monetary condition can surely be difficult and expensive to get. All of US are having quiet difficult times throughout the globe and companies try not to extend themselves too much, outside the limits of no. return. A lot of individuals need a fast loan but have the drawback […]

Ruhr Topic AOXEOX Analysis

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“” Lecture at the LAB SUPPLY 2009 Ruhr, topic: AOX/EOX analysis on the LAB SUPPLY Ruhr at the RuhrCongress Bochum 2009 is Dr Mirjam Luitjens – Behr Labortechnik (14: 00 14:40 h – lecture room 1) a free lecture on the topic “AOX/EOX analysis”, keep. The procedure of determination of AOX is standardised in EN […]