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Statutory Health Insurance

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Is statutory health insurance for trainees – what health insurance right? In August, thousands young people in whole Germany begin vocational training. But whether industrial mechanics, office clerk or specialist all new trainees are no longer have health insurance at the beginning of their training about her parents and now need a KV protection. Unfortunately, this also means that 8.2% of (gross) training allowance to the health insurance must be paid in the future if this is about 325. Contact information is here: Bimini Superfast. The good news is that each trainee has free choice, with which health insurance he make sure would like to have. There are currently about 100 legal health insurance companies in Germany. These require the same membership fee while all, differ but very in the services offered. Basically, you can choose any statutory health insurance, which is available in the State of the place of residence.

Since the ideal Fund for a trainee is often not the health of the parents, it’s worth, the offers of different insurers to compare and to think about a change of the Fund. Many health insurance companies pay, for example, cash rewards, if you keep fit with sports or reimburse tuition for yoga, Tai Chi and relaxation courses. Especially for young people, some funds offer special services such as the reimbursement of costs for contraception or higher grants for Visual AIDS. Some health insurance companies pay back even unconditionally every year a part of the contributions to their members in the form of bonuses. Bottom line you can save already several hundred euros to choosing the right health insurance as a trainee in the year. Trainees must decisions 2 weeks into the training, from which insurance company you want to be assured in the future, at the latest. Otherwise, you will be insured automatically in checkout where it was previously health. Another change of the health insurance fund is then usually again after 18 months.

For a comparison of statutory health insurance and an overview of the various services Click. Contact: Kunze und Leidloff GbR Hallesche Strasse 1B 06779 Raguhn Tel: 0180 5 499 799 240 * fax: 0180 5 499 799 249 * E-mail: info(at) * 14 ct/min from a German landline. German mobile radio price: 42 ct / min company portrait: informed since 1999 on the Internet about all statutory health insurance. Insured persons can consult free of charge and without obligation on through tariffs, fees and services of all funds in the current comparison. In addition, the trade portal provides assistance when changing the health insurance fund.

Statutory Health Insurance

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An integral part of the German health system is called the statutory health insurance, short statutory health insurance statutory health insurance companies as a modern business. Since in Germany the General insurance is compulsory since 2009, everyone at least in the statutory health insurance must be a member. These include mainly workers and employees, their annual earning called, does not exceed the compulsory insurance boundary set by the Federal Government, also year labour remuneration in the amount of 50.850,-. This limit is adjusted annually to the economy. Comparison: 2011, the year work pay limit was still 49.500,-.

Statutory health insurance: competition raises the level while is distributed in previous decades the statutory health insurance to many hundreds of different health insurance companies, it is now only a fraction of that. Compared to the former rigid structure the statutory health insurance in its present form is a collection of modern guided business, albeit in a different legal form as to them otherwise knows of private insurers. By the legislation of the Federal Health Ministry, the statutory health insurance is subject to a permanent competition. It refers to the members, so their insurance community, as well as on the offers of the individual insurance services. The insured persons as customers benefit from this situation. For them, the statutory health insurance is a market in which they largely choose which provider you want to decide at the present time.

Although the law requires health insurers, which services its policyholders may offer them. However, this so-called legal “service catalogue” includes only 95% of all services. The remaining 5 percent can determine the individual sickness funds themselves. So it happens so, that a statutory health insurance covers the costs for homeopathic treatments at certain doctors, whereas another fund reimburses the costs for professional tooth cleaning. The insured can decide now which Range of them prefer to and can switch to a different statutory health insurance at any time. Largely free choice of doctor, interest is capitalized a constant competition for the statutory health insurance is private health insurance, the car. Include the competition in the health care system, to obtain the number of insured persons irrespective of age and if possible to increase. This applies on the one hand between GKV and PKV, but also the public health insurance itself. It comes to align the services for the community of insured persons in the statutory health insurance in the PKV. And here, the statutory health insurance has made great progress in recent years: on the one hand through their own services, on the other hand through collaborations with other insurance companies, the additional tariffs offer, to which the statutory health insurance has no possibility or no legal basis. Also for the free screening in various areas, the statutory health insurance has a large range. The Calculus here and the resulting success are medium to long term: because the statutory health insurance has determined that manageable investment in a skilful and comprehensive prevention can more than make up for the vast expenditure for later entrants, previously unrecognized diseases.

Managing Director

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More and more companies support their employees for healthcare that force empty coffers in the health sector the statutory health insurance again and again to new cuts. The contribution of the insured already refer to wide parts of the supply. The practice fee, co-payments for drugs, dentures, glasses and screening increasingly strain the budgets of […]

Dental Care

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Screening start in infants in the dental practice. Parents know it from experience. You can not even early start enough with the screening for the newborn. How it looks but with the dental health of the babies? When is a child ready for a checkup at the dentist? In some provinces, there are even special […]