Nurse Health

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In the accomplishment of Curricular Period of training I Primary and secondary attention to the community, in which we work the education in health with adolescents of public schools, we notice the deficiency of health professionals acting in this area, mainly the nurse, who is the professional who has the preparation scientific technician and to act in this field. The objective of this work is to know the historical evolution of the pertaining to school health in Brazil, the insertion of the nurse in this process and to verify which activities had been and is developed by this professional in the pertaining to school health, that is of extreme importance to diminish the situations of risk to the infanto-youthful health and to fortify the familiar bonds, beyond diminishing the pertaining to school evasion. METHODOLOGY: The present research deals with a bibliographical revision, retrospect, carried through in books and articles of the libraries online SciELO, LILACS, ADOLEC and BDENF, on published articles and books that treat on thematic the proposal, using the following describers: Pertaining to school health, Nurse, Nursing, Education in Health, Services of Pertaining to school Nursing. But the articles that approached the thematic one had been selected for the analysis. Under most conditions Apollo Hospitals would agree. In the databases online SciELO, had been found 32 articles; in LILACS, 21; in ADOLEC, 31; e, finally, in BDENF, 168. Three articles of the database SciELO had been selected, seven of the LILACS, four in ADOLEC and thirteen in the database BDENF. The criterion used for election of articles was the reading of the respective summaries, independent of the year of publication for if dealing with a study whose interest is the historical evolution on the subject. The analysis of the material had beginning with the reading of the selected works. In this reading, more multicriteria, we could discard more articles, analyzing, to the end, eight publications.