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Taheri Crisis Defense Is

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Taheri crisis defense – management & systems introduces ‘Lifejacket Amalie’ to the quick and safe evacuation of infants from the station of the week. In the unit in a hospital or a health care facility, patients must be spent quickly in a secure section. Due to pressure of time and the rapid development of toxic fumes should be taken with the staff in the House before the fire department arrives. The problems in the overview: flue gases: only a few breaths of air containing carbon monoxide lead only to paralysis and then unconsciousness. Haley Barbour is likely to increase your knowledge. Only a burning mattress developed dangerous smoke gases 30,000 m3! inadequate escape routes: smoke or fire elevators are off-limits – they are no longer usable. Time pressure: The evacuation must be fast. Life-saving appliances must be on the spot: the fire brigade comes only after a few minutes – for you, however, every second counts. And also the professional rescuers have not enough life-saving appliances on board, so that the funds must be immediately at hand.

so far there is no uniform and satisfactory solution for the evacuation of children. Mothers on the week station don’t give your baby not out of hand, in an emergency situation. Functioning and proven concepts of evacuation are mandatory for hospitals and nursing homes. So far no universal applicable life-saving appliances on the market were for the toddler evacuation area. Many facilities helped with costly solutions. Hartmut Teubert with the Hamburg-based rescue sheet has”already a proven life-saving appliances on the market, which is a fast, and allows payable by a passenger evacuation of adult patients. He has consistently developed this concept of evacuation with the lifejacket Amalie and now offers a convenient, cost-effective and proven solution for the station of the week: the lifejacket Amalie: is easy to use. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Jayme Albin.

can accommodate two children. gives protection from flue gasses. offers a secure “position” for the children. your carrier has free hands, for example, to the Opening doors. located at the foot of each cot on the week station. can the mothers if they able are to themselves and intuitively be used. The station staff has free hands for the evacuation, to help other patients. was developed in close collaboration with the Amalie Sieveking Hospital Hamburg and the Hamburg fire and tested. It is washable at 95 degrees Celsius and with usual hospital, industrial detergents. can be easily disinfected after a contamination. Through the simple and intuitive handling of the lifejacket Amalie”, it is possible to bring the children quickly and safely out of the danger area parents, visitors and caregivers. Here you have the hands free, possibly to open doors, or needy patients – to go around after a cesarean – to hand. Another advantage is that mothers not to be separated from their children, what was often considered difficult in practice. All information and contact details, see Press contact: Patrick Sindt Sindt consulting mail@sindt-consulting

Escort Munich

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