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So runs his childhood from one side to another, until his true learning begins. I had a few days in the school, then called Lycee Regnault de Tanger, in recess star was found with one of his friends, they began to play and speak in Spanish. The teacher noticing this detail, took them to the address and took their hands, put their fingers upward and with a rule gave them both a few blows in the fingertips, along with the threat that the same punishment would return whenever they were found speaking a language other than French, within three months of being in the kindergarten of the school and after the scare by the aforementioned punishmentStar spoke fully French. His encounter with true mathematics can say that it was successful and also romantic. Here it should be noted the special circumstances surrounding the process. The French Lycee teachers were brought from France, the heat of the Mediterranean for those suffering from certain diseases was the best cure.

By this and other details, the vast majority of teachers applied their resumes to exercise outside French territory, since on extraterritoriality, the pay was double and Tangier was a city relatively close. The high demand and few posts was guarantee that only the best got those charges. A math teacher showed them the meaning of life, how to view things in its three dimensions, and appreciate the numbers even in the abstract; the tricky thing, did see simple and this simplicity has survived over time. On the other hand is also the case of a teacher ill with tuberculosis, doctor in physics, for the date and place it was, it was an unintentional rarity as Bachelors ductor, these two samples were of concrete Eminences, of flesh and bone, both carriers of feelings to their careers and a knowledge worthy of emulating. The time to seventeen years, marked the guideline, star who had known only the education in public, free, secular and mandatory, colleges by merits and notes, he had obtained full scholarship to pursue his university studies in the United States.

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Moreover, the arms are also getting tired holding this thing to my face. Then (yes, I did shame on me!) I bought the electronic mask! This was a 45 minute a day regime. Forget it. I found that I would not spend time doing this either. In addition, the results were not very close. I looked like “baggy” and tired than ever. Sigh? He should not have another alternative to isometrics and electric shocks! Then I discovered the exercises of the face. Yes! To make a long story short, I ended up buying the 12 programs offered there in the market at the time.

I discovered to my amazement, that these programs were too long, too short, incomplete, “incompetent”, or also took 40 minutes a day. However, some of these exercises are the results on my face. I discovered that the old belief that touching or rubbing his face caused wrinkles was false. Actually, I was met with resistance training for the muscles of the face. This made sense to me. After everyone knows that through exercising in a gym or through yoga, we can reaffirm the body and skin. Naturally, the same could be said about the muscles and skin of the face.

I was about to know for sure. Since I am a teacher at heart (I taught school for several years) I developed my own program and obtained results surprising. My wrinkles are flattened out and then disappeared. The muscles of his face got bigger and lift created, giving me the look of youth.

The Part

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A natural enzyme (telomerase) in all exists the organisms livings creature that she is in charge proceeding to the maintenance of the telmeros. For each division of the cell it adds the part of telmero that it is lost in virtue of the same one, in way that telmero does not diminish and the cell can be divided whenever it needs. What it happens is that it makes this function solely in the germinativas cells making with that these are permanently young independently of the organism to be already old. It had to make the same in the somatic cells of the organism, but, this does not happen. The somatic cells have the gene of telomerase but they do not produce it therefore, this is not activated. Currently science already obtains to activate telmerase and to create immortal healthful cells.

Scientific magazines already had brought articles on this subject. The aging can be understood as the consequncia of the ticket of the time or as the chronological process for which an individual if becomes older. This traditional definition has been defied for its simplicity. In the case of the beings livings creature one becomes related with reduction of the functional reserve, with the reduction of the resistance to the aggressions and with the increase of the death risk. The human being characterizes for a biopsicossocial process of transformations, occured throughout the existence, exciting gradual reduction of efficiency of organic functions biological, creation of new social paper that could in accordance with be positive or negative the social and cultural values of the group which the aged one belongs sociocultural; for the psychic aspects visas in such a way for the proper society how much for the aged one. In biology, ' ' senescncia' ' it is the natural process of aging or the set of phenomena associates to this process.

Becoming a Great Seller

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Sellers with low self-esteem want to achieve their goals but fail to realize the struggle with the necessary perseverance to achieve them and begin to find reasons for its neglect. The seller with inflated self-esteem will be able to meet his client, but not communicate emotionally-and end his client's offending some way. It is necessary […]