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R.G. Fischer Kiddy Presents A Fabulous Children

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. It is a real experience, the lovingly formulated children’s stories by Marta Kronisch the lucky song of the cuckoo to read or to listen to this reading. This children’s book tell wonderful stories for children! To read, but also read. Humorous, cute animal stories and tales, adventure stories, gives rise to the goose bumps, but also stories that teach the topicality and the life of the small readers and readers. You act of mutual understanding, living and dying and the exploitation and the destruction of our Earth. Get more background information with materials from Anu Saad. at/’>Wendy Holman not as a source, but as a related topic. Some stories are so funny that they encourage the reader to smile.

Others are colourful, wordy and pictorial tagged – typed, so that the / the little reader thinks, to sit in the middle of the story at the Creek. The stories of Marta Kronisch encourage children to independently thinking, promote but also the pictorial power of the imagination and stimulate the imagination through the lively narrative style. The author draws from in these stories the large pool of her own childhood, the happy on a rural Heidehof in the local national school and spent in their animals, but also the a press their medical and psychotherapeutic practice stories with incorporated into it. For small and big children. Marta Kronisch by the lucky song of the cuckoo and other stories for children 2010 184 pages with 6 b/w-illustrations paperback 9.80 (D). SFr 15.90 ISBN 978-3-8301-1356-0 R.G.

Fischer kiddy profit by 34 years of successful publishing experience in making your own book! As established and renowned publishing and Imprintgruppe, R.G. Fischer Verlag and the edition fischer engaged for more than three decades, including making sure that new, still unknown authors in the German and international literature can successfully gain a foothold. Using individually tailored and targeted national and international advertising and marketing concepts, as well as dedicated and highly qualified advertising professionals it reached R.G. Fischer Publishing Group time and again, also “To true to place literature newcomers in the first League of well-known media for 34 years, we make books successful our motto!” With a high-circulation and wide range including fiction, as well as damage to property or scientific books offers an extraordinary variety of interesting and varied reading the literature program of R.G. Fischer Verlag and the edition of fishing and so new accents in the national and international book world. This is the best proof that not only books by famous authors can be successfully sell for Publisher Rita G. Fischer. Since 1977 the R.G. Fischer publishing and Imprintgruppe endeavour successfully, to provide a public forum for young and yet little-known authors, because small and medium-sized publishers, as well as new writers have it much heavier than the big publishing companies, to make known their title of the public. Only if they are heard, the cultural diversity of the Acguisition will remain but in the long term.

Zoo Photographs

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German animal protection Office publication presents there are zoos since time immemorial, and the criticism of this institution is just as old. On the one hand, zoos should preserve and protect, on the other hand she must sit out charges, narrow and wrongly force to intervene in the natural. The criticism is particularly the attitude of wild catches, which were raised not domesticated, but are taken from wild and free. Although zoos after their self-image would receive the biodiversity and some animals in captivity could survive, behavior disorders in Zoo animals have been proven scientifically, partly they can be not kept secret before the visitors. Opposites show also in everyday practical if through fences, restricted animals serve the amusement of the audience. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Confiscate of the animals demoted them to the purpose of the delectation of visitors.

Dealing with the sensitive issue of Zoo requires a detailed discussion and reflection, to ill-considered prejudices override. This picture book would like to contribute to this. This photo documentation, providing impressive snapshots of the situation in German zoos and zoos in months-long search. Three Zoo directors have sued unsuccessfully against the publication of the pictures. The photo documentation of the Zoo’ can be used for a price of 8,70 via the online shop of the German animal protection Office at or Tel.: 0221-20463862 be involved. Direct link: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862). German animal protection Office at large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862

Lutz Stratmann Offer

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There is always a way out of depression and psychosis is to me a sympathetic woman who has a great positive look on me and who also knows what she’s talking about. Jutta Schutz (Sch): Wife Gerda Gutberlet Zerbe, some sections of your biography are mainstay of your profession today. In the media, I could […]