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Earth Thoughts

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Science confirms that the brain activity of human beings is accompanied by magnetic activity. (2) The spirit of God speaks of a reciprocal action between the human and the Earth’s magnetic field. Science confirms that in the human brain particles of magnetite, found we could say magnetic antennas, through which it is possible that Earth’s magnetic field influence on the person and hence magnetic field on your mental and physical well-being. (3) The spirit of God says this reciprocal action also takes place in the opposite direction, is to say that the way of thinking and acting of people is transmitted to the vibration of the ground and influences their magnetic fields. Science has now discovered that there is something like a global consciousness, or perhaps even a subconscious of all human beings, that synchronized reacts to certain events that move the whole world, as for example wars terrorist attacks, etc. While still not proven that events of great significance in the earth can be produced collectively by the thought of the human being, it is considered that thoughts create magnetic fields, i.e. energy flows, which in turn influence the vibration of the Earth.

Finally and after would be plausible assuming that the thoughts and emotions of 6.5 billion people can influence external events on our planet. Think if it does not, on whether the outcome of a war, has not been before the accumulation of millions of thoughts of hatred and enmity of entire villages. In conclusion it could be said that what each of us think determines our life and our environment; If we want a better and more positive, healthy and happy life, if we want to do good to the planet Earth and all that lives, have the capacity to do so, with positive, reconciliantes, sincere thoughts. This is the message of the Prophet and the best science.

Autumn Weddings

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Every season of the year offers manifolds options to decorate your wedding and in autumn it could not less be. The options are many that this magnificent station of the year so that our wedding is perfect, in the decoration gives us as much that surrounds the hall weddings like the rest of elements that comprise of that great day. As far as the dress and the complements of fianc2ee, following what height of the autumn we are, we will be able to do with a dress of fianc2ee just as the one to us of summer only who we will be able to add to him to some complements like jackets or toreritas not to pass cold if the appetizer uses in the outside of the banquet where you are going to celebrate the wedding. Other complements that also will be perfect for that great day are the season flowers, at this time of the year we can find a great variety of pretty flowers like the Crisantelmo, Violets, the Thought, the Dahlia and other many perfect ones to as much shine them in the branch of fianc2ee like in a hairdo with natural flowers. As far as the complement par excellence of the fianc2ee, the shoes, you can be praised/poured off by own tones of the time at which we are, as for example they would be gilded, perfect to combine them with the crude dresses. Reason why to the decoration of the hall one talks about, we advised to you that you decide on colors predominant of the station of the year, as for example they would be the yellows, orange, red, I most of acquire and the range of the brown ones which all of them gives calidez sensation.

Many of these colors combine among them, reason why it will not be task difficult of arriving at a good decoration of the tables. For example, you can choose by one mantelera satin in cobrizos tones and like table center some dry leaves in yellowish tones that will combine perfectly. For the guests, also you can leave in each of its sites, in card way, a dry leaf with the name of each of them that way not only will favor the decoration of this but also that will go in agreement with a wedding in autumn.