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Olfa Lamloun

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Spared the journalists generally by the constraints and threats faced by their colleagues in authoritarian systems. Read more here: President Rivlin. Al Jazeera was the appetite stimulant, it followed a series of similar stations such as E.g. Al arabiyya, founded in 2003, Al Manar TV, LBC, etc beyond of this media competition today crucial questions about the Arab image and the Arab information in General, but also about the positioning of the Arabs in the new world media order. If you have read about Margaret and Richard Riney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “The future of the Arabic press remains an important question can be as follows:” to what extent Al Jazeera has influenced the Arabic-speaking media landscape and contributed to the development of the Arab press? “or today’s Arab media landscape is still the same as before Al Jazeera?” Before we get to answer this question, I would hold that the current upswing of the Arab press in the 1980s goes back. A serious change in the global political landscape began with the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the Persian Gulf. Since then emerging globalization and liberalization allowed the development of a much more independent and professional private media. My following analysis will examine the presence of Arab audiovisual media after the publication of Al Jazeera.

A first conclusion is already looming, considered the program of Al Jazeera and the Arab television stations, analysed press dossiers and broadcasts and observed how the Arab journalists exercising their profession: Al Jazeera is gaining ground and has a clearly defined editorial line. Olfa Lamloun means the sender as the result of a convergence between the editorial project of the founder journalists who came from BBC Arabic news, and would like to convey the image, the Qatar likes of himself”. 4 in light of the success of Al Jazeera, but not fundamentally have the other Arab television channels altered. Time seen, the political messages occupy a huge place in the program, concerned at the expense of the culture programme.