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Oedipus Human

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The rebellion of who is aware limits seems to me unavoidable, "he argued in my bed while we sailed along the thoughts from the Super God I needed. I thought that if Freud had theorized about the Oedipus complex, one could also talk about the Super God complex in men, and the theory of killing God to take his place, it would be the biggest challenge it faces, and it would legitimate that the man does not act under the submission of a chain that does not recognize as inherent. Now he saw things with complete clarity and was not afraid of my thoughts, as I embraced my status twinned with innocent, magnified the case against him by those who live in perpetual fear of God. For what God does, but play with us? We must be good and then he will reward us, that's the slogan of all religions. Too many demands for a reward not elected nor necessarily desired. The man only pretends to be happy, avoid pain, suffering, old age, death, but nothing is awarded.

Why we have to resign ourselves to be pawns of God? Then I thought that many readers will be labeled me proud to make known my privates, and then started another debate no less interesting. I believe that when one is proud to do so against men, but against God, bellowing the impotence of not being able to survive on nothing. Pride, vanity, selfishness or pride are areas that God laughs or they do not vary its policy on the ground. That's why these attitudes are touching human beings are full of frustration, and show that the human being is aware of the need to be measured with God, knowing that the battle is already lost. Why hate our neighbors if we are the product of the same inexplicable game?, Do you realize how revolutionary is this question?, Why not consider pride as a corrective to our unwanted vulnerability? After thinking about these theories, I stopped to question these reflections who offend most, or whether God really offended by anything, and I concluded that knowing the answer either solve anything. And is that last night I was totally leaning toward the human condition to the other creatures at our disposal, and on which we have the stupid feeling of domination, and who are fortunate enough not to ask questions. There was no trace of my thinking objectivity.

And I wondered if it could support these theories, with some a philosophical movement that supports them or if they would be regarded as mere nonsense. I began to conquer sleep, should wake up early tomorrow and face the everyday and my fellows. I was done, the Super God faded I languidly and making the mundane, that of face-to-face life of a dog. I fell into a deep sleep.

Psychological Version. Ten Facts About The Brain

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On the brain says a lot, but there are facts that can not be ignored 1.Mozg, like muscles, the more his training these, the more it grows. Average adult male brain weighs 1424 grams, in his old age brain mass decreases to 195 grams. The biggest weight female brain – 1565 grams. Record the weight of the male brain-2049 grams. Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev's brain weighed 2,012 grams. The brain evolved: in 1860 the average male brain Vey was 1,372 grams. Least weight of a normal brain neotrafirovannogo (owned by 31-year-old woman) – 1096 grams.

Dinosaurs, which reached 9 meters in length, have brains the size of a walnut and weighs 70 grams. 2.Samoe rapid brain development occurs between the ages of 2 to 11 years. 3.Regulyarnoe prayer reduces respiratory rate and normalizes the wave oscillations of the brain, thereby contributing to the process of self-healing organism. The believers at 36 percent less likely to go to the doctor than others. 4.Chem educated people, the less chance of diseases of the brain.

Intellectual activity is the production of more active tissue that compensates for the patients. 5.Zanyatie unfamiliar activities – the best way in brain development. Communication (even better marriage) with those who exceed you in intelligence, is also a potent tool for brain development. 6.Signaly in the human nervous system reaches speeds of 288 km / h. With age the speed reduced by 15 percent. 7.Samym world's largest donor, the brain is the religious order Sisters of teachers in the Mankato, Minnesota. The nuns in their posthumous testaments sacrificed science about 700 units of the brain. 8.Samy high level of intellectual development (IQ)), demonstrated Merdin Mach Vos Savant of Missouri, who at age 10 already had an average Ai – cue for twenty-three. She managed to pass the most difficult test for entry into privileged Mega Society, which includes only about three dozen people who have such a high rate of iq, which is found only in one person of millions. 9.Samy high national average rate Ai – cue in the world of the Japanese – 111. About 10 percent of Japanese Ai – cue above 130. 10. memory belongs Creighton Carvell who is capable of with a view to remember the sequence of cards in six separate decks (312 pieces). <

Pharmaceutical Industry Exposes

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Cholesterinspiegelsenkende drugs are often unnecessary! (Cologne – 31 January 2007): Permits by fish, soy, psyllium, and lecithin, the cholesterol levels by up to 30 percent lower risk of heart attack in half and thus emphasizes medicine journalist Luisa Marino from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) lower today with the presentation of his book &quot;cholesterol levels naturally. Yet millions of people in Germany receive cholesterinspiegelsenkende expensive drugs (so-called lipid-lowering drugs) prescribed by your doctor. Because the pharmaceutical industry is to blame, because it stirs up decades the cholesterol hysteria and makes millions of people to patients. Always try to give new campaigns that a cholesterol level above 200 mg / dL is dangerous. This is the total cholesterol to the risk assessment is totally inadequate, says the veteran medical journalist Luisa Marino. Much more meaningful than the total cholesterol is the ratio of HDL to LDL. The HDL isvasoprotective and should therefore be as high as possible, but at least about 45 mg / dl, says Mueller Nothmann. In contrast, the LDL promotes vascular changes that eventually lead to arterial occlusion with the consequence of myocardial infarction. The LDL, which doctors describe as understandable &quot;bad cholesterol&quot;, should be below 160 mg / dl. The LDL-HDL ratio ideally located less than three. Luisa Marino gives up the motto &quot;HDL and LDL down cheerfully keeps the heart and arteries!&quot; Off. The measurement of HDL and LDL levels is now available in many pharmacies cheap. Too high LDL levels and low HDL levels are primarily an indication of lack of exercise and malnutrition. The HDL increased by regular exercise. And LDL decreases by a fat-modified diet with plenty of fish, low in saturated fat from fatty meats and cheese and fatty sausage. The ideal vegetable fat are canola, linseed and walnut oil, and diet margarine, with LDL-loweringPhytosterols is enriched. Water-soluble dietary fibers such as oligofructose recognize – easy on the Beneo logo – and pectin from apples or Plantago ovata seed shells from the pharmacy also reduce the cholesterol level. The same applies to lecithin derived from soy and eggs. Therefore, even eggs for cholesterol and heart patients safe, covers Muller Nothmann on a modern diet stories. Eggs do not increase as the cholesterol, but lower it vigorously contained lecithin. In addition, soy products like tofu and soymilk reduce LDL significantly. Overall, it is by natural cholesterol-lowering drugs, which include the artichoke belongs to reduce LDL by up to 30 percent. Cardiologists suggest that decreases with a one percent LDL lowering risk of heart attack by two percent. Before cholesterinspiegelsenkende patients are taking drugs that are burdened with many side effects, they should switch three months the diet and increase exercise. In most cases, the showsproximate analysis of the blood fats that the danger is over, raises Muller-out Nothmann. Natural cholesterol-lowering drugs, which describes reduce Luisa Marino together with the nutritionist Katrin Raschke in his guide &quot;cholesterol naturally&quot; bring just more for the health, cost little and will not compromise the body through the side effects. Individual free information on elevated blood lipid levels by cardiologist and a nutritionist and dietician allows qualified specialist advice portal .

The Secret Of The Abundance

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The majority of the people does not manage to obtain from the life which wishes, like finding a good husband, a good job, or being scared to lose what you have Which is the reason? ,because when I look for my happiness, or stability not it with himself? I want it to obtain I want, […]