The Bathroom

Posted by on July 10, 2020as

He prevents long colloquies in the corridors therefore knows that it is signal of disrespect to the customers. He uses materials with caution, preventing wastefulness. It is only limited the telephone in urgent and brief cases. It does not smoke, nor makes use of chiclete. Beyond being antieducative it is antisocial. In the intervals, its snack is discrete e, finishes as soon as it, takes care of of to make the buccal hygiene in the bathroom next. It compliments to all when arriving and leaving the workstation.

When entering in the units it looks for to give to a good optimistical day to the customers and employees. When it needs to lack, or it will have lacked, it does not invent illnesses or lutos (who is always sick necessary to be pensioner, to enter of license to treat itself or to be substituted, therefore if it believes that the proper work can be killing it). It does not confuse the work of the others and it does not acquire the detestvel habit to complain for everything and nothing. Its complaint well is elaborated, registered and directed to who of right it can decide the problem. Next to each complaint it presents, at least, two probable solutions.

It has the habit to study every day for some hours, so that if it does not become each day little Nurse. It reserves a period of the week to share the studies with its team and to take more scientific and brought up to date decisions. Being superior it knows that a firm and coherent position demands understanding and calm. A leader is not superior to its colleagues, but its pair in the success of the customer, therefore, never doubts its ability when this directs it a difficult problem to solve. In critical administrative situations in health, the elegant Nurse always assumes the leadership, knowing to use the ability of that he will be for close.