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Managing Director

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CARMADA in Soest, Germany has much to offer entrepreneurs Scharbeutz. It brings particular benefits when entrepreneurs, traders, craftsmen, small businesses and shop owners buy their business and commercial vehicles new to the Internet? Klaus Zachari, Managing Director of the virtual truck of dealership CARMADA, is convinced that this is an experience in itself: but who is making this experience with CARMADA, is years out particularly fondly keep. I’m a namely personally see to it, that the commercial vehicle buyers has the maximum benefit and when purchasing new vehicles get discounts, which are extremely profitable.” In commercial vehicles the choice is a torture often indeed as some portals, where prospective car buyers can buy their preferred used cars can be found on the World Wide Web the Configurator, the specifics online can be put together according to the modular principle thank. Using this option can color, power, etc. simply by mouse click change. Result: a new car, which leaves nothing to be desired. Corporate and commercial vehicles to this convenient function looks in vain for”, Claus Zachari makes clear.

“Because the combination variety of different functions, which is particularly pronounced in the field of commercial vehicles, is a challenging task, when, by the way ‘ will need to handle the operational everyday life.” Top discounts from the factory, without haggling CARMADA can commercial vehicles of all globally active manufacturers, common brands and all models offer: comfortable via catalog or online. “And that with top discounts, works, so no annoying haggling.” Klaus Zachari explains further that a private new car buying relatively straightforward compared with the selection criteria must be considered when purchasing a new vehicle. An incorrectly selected feature can quickly to negative in a commercially used vehicles lead economic consequences.” Therefore, it is important to get questions about the interior dimensions, the allowed weight, the temperature insulation, the proper mechanics, of consumption in stop-and-go delivery and other criteria very carefully and to check exactly when each characteristic: which truck equipment exactly do I need for my craftsman operation for my pizza delivery for my courier service? These are questions that can decide on weal and woe a company.

Paint Doctor

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After the motorcade is before the workshop if the jubilation leaves its mark the ball is finally rolling at the European Championship and the first victory of the German team is retracted. Numerous car korsos formed again after the game and it was left out. The disillusionment comes then often the next day, when it becomes clear when looking at the car that this has survived the Jubilee train without dents and scratches. The Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor) delivers the solution to this problem. Germany land of poets and thinkers in general are described. But in June 2008, because it is not euro and Germany transformed himself in a country full of soccer fans.

Because Germany is also a country of car drivers, nothing is closer to the expression as his enthusiasm for football with your own car. This ranges from simple lapel flags in the side Windows to nationwide flags on bonnet or roof. For the car-driving football fan it is also duty”, After the victories of his team to participate in the increasingly popular car convoys. Yes finally also present you want be sweetie nobly with merchandise,”. Unfortunately, cheering fan mass and sensitive car paint seem to be not meant to be.

“Because if it is evening before still super” was to cruise with noisy fans on the hood through the inner city, sits the shock the next day deep, when you see what legacy has left the boisterous cheers. Dings and scratches litter the paint and offer an ideal attack surface to wind and weather to continue their destructive work. A removal of dents and scratches can quickly cost several hundred euros in a specialist workshop. “But that doesn’t have to be, because in such cases was the SMART repair (small to medium area repair technology) procedures developed by the Munich Molaris GmbH the paint doctor” is applied. Here the damage with special tools and means eliminated partially, what the Customer is very cheap. “The offer of the paint doctor” includes removing paint damages of any kind as well as the areas of upholstery repair, auto glass repair, Alufelgenreparatur and much more.