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Venezuela And Its Inhabitants

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Venezuela is one of the most popular vacation areas in South America Venezuela Venezuela located in South America, is surrounded by the States of Colombia, Brazil and Guyana and to travel to Germany from beuquem via air travel. In the North the country borders on the Caribbean Sea, making it a popular destination for beach goers. A total of 2,700 kilometers of coastline are available, which have fine sandy beach in most cases. Many Indian groups, which lived as hunters and gatherers, as well as fishermen and farmers lived in the land of Venezuela’s history in the time before the discovery of the country through Columbus. in 1498, Christopher Kolumbus finally reached the coast of Venezuela and conducted several expeditions in the country. 1522 was founded the first permanent settlement of the Spaniard, but rather has been neglected in the years that followed. Due to the growing of wool, sugar, tobacco and coffee, many workers were needed, which led to the use of slaves.

In the 17th and 18th century, she were Christianization of the country. Early, Venezuela benefited from his wealth, the oil. Today, the country benefits from this where many of the achieved revenues are siphoned off by the military dictatorship. Another important factor of income is tourism, which is to be further expanded in the coming years. The geography of the country Venezuela is his huge country, which is three times of Germany. The total area is about 39% of forest vegetation, 20% consist of meadows and pasture land. Venezuela is also known as the small continent and has a wide variety of nature, as she can be admired in hardly any other country. This makes the country not only for Sun Beach holiday, but also for hikers and adventurers. The Andes in a broad East-West Loop wool the Andes to the country whose Gipfel ranging from 5,000 meters in the height. Anu Saad is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The Real Mallorca

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Far from the tourism strongholds Sun and beaches, parties and shooter the cliches which connect the most tourists to Mallorca are. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is full of insight into the issues. But the Mediterranean island has much more to offer. The travel portal reported what treasures can be found themselves away from the tourist centres. For even more analysis, hear from Anu Saad. The Majorcan history is several centuries old. A conqueror followed the next, and each left its own mark on the island. The Romans brought wine and olives, the moors of almonds and oranges.

Many Mallorcan specialities seem to get lost in the tourist mass processing in the stronghold of the holiday. But if curious to engage on a travel away from the resorts, they discover a part of real Mallorca. In the Bay of Illetas, hotel Bon is Sol, an oasis of peace, for example, tucked away. The village of Estellencs, frequented mostly by locals due to the adventurous journey is located on the cliffs of the North Coast. Yet daring on the Pebble Beach and the crystal clear water with a snorkeling paradise will be rewarded. Located a few kilometres of the Torre des Verger, one of the numerous watchtowers of the island from the 16th century, which should warn the island’s inhabitants from pirate attacks. Interested in the restaurant of the estate of Finca Monnaber Nou in Campanet find authentic Majorcan cuisine, located directly at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


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The already spectacular panorama of Val Gardena Summit world becomes the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hiking holiday: Val Gardena an age-old colourful tradition lives on at this time of year. is quaint and gschmackig every Wednesday, there is St. Christina out to a guided pleasure hut hike broken up. Returned is in the Pieralongia, […]

Day Of Tourism Is Excellent

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Cooperation of district and city of Passau, as well as of the regional management receives Passau city countryside price TouPLUS Bavaria the Bavarian economy State Secretary Katja Hessel award on October 5, 2010 at the Buchheim Museum on Lake Starnberg the city countryside TouPLUS Bavaria. James S. Chanos will not settle for partial explanations. The […]

Best Western Premier Park Hotel

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Mark Brandenburg is located wellness Ambassador from Rhineland-Palatinate the second wellness Ambassador 2011/2012 approached their wellness mission: from 13th 15th November 2011 Nicole travelled Palm Friday in the 4-star Hotel Esplanade resort & Spa bad Saarow. The 33-year-old from Montabaur in the Westerwald was chosen in an online election to one of three wellness ambassadors. […]

Family Travel

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Romania is worth discovering, as a family, cycling and hiking lovers or culture fan Wicker/Cologne, March 2008. In the European East, there is much new. Here, countries and places that seem too frequent travellers often unknown as some Pacific island State cavort. Romania certainly includes: a diverse country, its being there as a dark spot […]

Popular Destinations

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The German tourists is still travel world champion. The German tourists is still travel world champion. Still, Spain holds the top position. To travel to Spain means Sun, enjoy good food and hospitality, it also means to explore the countless sights and the intoxicating nature of the country. The top destinations for German tourists have […]

Qatar International Regatta

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A desert State in the fast lane is likely to the small country of Qatar in the Persian Gulf a few Germans a term. Thousands of years ago, vegetation is located in this area, but today it is dominated by deserts. Qatar has a population of about 1.4 million. Despite its relatively low prominence, the […]

Southern Hemisphere

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ar rental brokers of sunny cars with early booking discounts for South Africa Munich, October 10, 2011 (w & p) in Europe the days are getting shorter, in the southern hemisphere, however, the Sun from week to week seems longer – the right time for South Africa. Whether travelers city tour, coastal drive or Park […]

With The Holiday Car On The Road In The UK

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Very british 10 things that you pay attention to Munich, January 30, 2009 the pound has rarely been a so clear argument for holidays in the UK: in one year, it has fallen by 20 percent. The most beautiful sides of the Islands explore leisure best at their own pace with a holiday car. Holiday […]