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In another study carried through with one it shows with 45 patients presenting IRC carrying through hemodilise has four months more than, about 44,4% they were patient hipertensos and 22.2% possuam hipertenso associated with diabetes19. The arterial hipertenso is common in patients with IRC, not only before starting the therapy of hemodilise, but also during the maintenance of the same one. About 85% of the chronic nefropatas they are hipertensos6,22. The sistmica arterial hipertenso in such a way can be the cause as the consequence of the IRC and constitutes a continuous factor of the renal injury, having to be rigorously controlled 4. Dr. Mark Hyman is likely to agree. For some authors as Zadeh et al (2003) the hipercolesterolemia and the arterial hipertenso, beyond other factors of risks of cardiovascular illnesses and mortality for the population in general, seems to be characteristic protectors and associates to a greater supervened in submitted patients the dialysis. However, the etiology of this inverse association enters the conventional factors of risk and clinical results in the users in dialysis not yet are clear and need more prospectivos and published studies. The paper of the nutritionist in relation to the dietoterpica intervention must beyond acting in the control of the symptoms and the hidroeletrolticos riots, as well as in the illnesses correlatas that these users present throughout the dialtico period.

intervention must have as objective the attainment of adequate a nutricional state, keeping the examinations biochemists in the adjusted parameters, being necessary the frequent nutricional accompaniment of these individuals to verify the evolution of the nutricional picture. REFERENCES 1. AVESANI, C.M.; KAMIMURA, M. the CUPPARI, L. renal Insufficience: acute and chronicle. In: VANNUCCHI, H.; MARCHINI, J.S. Nutricional attention: dietoterpica boarding in adults.

Rio De Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2007. P. 124-150. 2. FERNANDES, G.V. ; CAVALCANTE, s.a. chronic renal Illness. In: FILGUEIRA, N.A. Behaviors in medical clinic. 4 ed. Rio De Janeiro: MEDSI, 2007, P.

Meditation Practice

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Spirituality is based on meditation practice in the development of mindfulness, Dr. Gallegos said that "Spirituality is a process of development of consciousness, a process of awareness widening of our true spiritual nature. This process is based on an expansion of universal love, compassion for all beings and the birth of wisdom that allows us to distinguish truth from illusion "secular spirituality is a healing experience, which translates into peace, healing, harmony, fairness, brotherhood, freedom and universal love, can also be understood as anything that holds human beings as the universal values that allow for peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding. It is not generating violence, intolerance or disorder, the path of spirituality is the path of dialogue, peace and reconciliation between human beings "., And between them and the entire Cosmos. Without being fanatical. The important thing to a full education as outlined in the Mexican Constitution is to focus learning on the evolution of the consciousness of students in developing the capacity of holistic understanding of the kosmos. If education does not meet the objective of raising the level of thought, education is not good, because the ultimate goal of education in the XXI century is to be the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, extending the capabilities of human beings to be more aware, autonomous and accountable. This is one of the last books of Dr, Gallegos, this book examines the difference between the types of intelligences and the importance of discernment to achieve achieve spiritual intelligence. Nancy-Ann_DeParle may help you with your research. The concept of spiritual intelligence is considered the newest and the oldest is known that at least 2,500 years ago, when the Buddha called insight or Vipassana, noted the penetrative capacity of vision to understand the profound reality of the phenomena I think it is difficult to understand and much harder to achieve that spiritual intelligence, but in this work defines a number of ways to try at least.

Spiritual Growth

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Because we are in Christmas, I want to share with you this wonderful day of great meaning, when we celebrated the Birth of Jesus, Our Gentleman. In this superb day I want ofrecerte my better thoughts of love, happiness, enthusiasm, faith, peace, prosperity and gratitude. I want animarte to spend all this day with the loved beings of your life, or if they are far, dale a signal of life and dile whatever them mistresses. Today it is, par excellence, the day of the love, of the brotherhood, of the good vibrations, to offer the best thing of you, to say and to prove the affection and the love that you have inside, today they cannot, more than ever, to fit escusas, today it is a day when the love, that is the magnet for all the good things, must cover like a blanket with snow all the universe, and to become in the air that you breathe, in your body, today you are all fact of love. Some contend that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. shows great expertise in this. It leaves your thoughts it floods the Universe, feels as you want the entire world, the love he is universal, it is the force greater than it has, the sacred ingredient that it does not have to lack of the heart of any being human, the deficiency of the love is the cause of all the bad one in this world, a human being who receives love is warm, smiling, has the full heart of joy, love, the love is born love, cheers, a human being who receives love is blessed of Jesus. Our Gentleman wants that you are happy, healthy and rich, and she is glad for you, when you are in the frequency, in the generosity, fullness, happiness, kindness wave. You do not forget that you have been born happy, healthy and rich, and thus you must be all the life, this is the natural state of each human being, and I am going to say a very important thing to you: " It is Your Right By Birth To be Happy, Sano and Rico" , you do not have to accept another Earth thing here, you do not have to forget that you live only once, every second that happens, does not return, the most appreciated resource, the most appreciated value than you have in this life on the Earth it is your time, invirtelo well, happens with the people who concern much to you of this time, and, when these only, she spiritually meditates, she thinks, she grows, resptate same, respects to the others, your mission in this world is not to knead wealth, but you know yourself same, to evolve spiritually, to grow like person, to have a good character, to make the things of a correct way, to arrive at honrarte same. . Nancy-Ann_DeParle is the source for more interesting facts.

Which Diets Are Popular This Spring

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Spring has come and time to prepare for the summer holidays and look at the open dress nicely there are very few. Therefore, more and more people are now choosing a diet to lose weight quickly. Most popular today diet – a diet for blood group, the Kremlin diet and a diet Dr. Bauer. At […]