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For example, a convenient place for a check-dive is located near the lighthouse Vigra. It is located in the southwestern part of the island. In the ruins of the lighthouse outbuildings can hide from the wind during the preparing to dive. Depth from 3 to 18 meters. Weak current in the south-west. Underwater kelp forests, many urchins and crabs.

Visibility 10-15 meters. Molde One day, our stay in alesund, we decide to go to the next city Molde. Molde for lush greenery and rose gardens, called "the city of roses." And yet he is known by the international jazz festival held annually in mid-July. In addition to the city, we are still interested Eresfjorden, in the vicinity of Molde, with its waterfall Mardalsfossen. This waterfall is the highest continuous vertical cascade in Northern Europe – 297 meters. Guidebooks recommend visiting a waterfall in the period from June 20 to August 20.

At this time, he is the most spectacular show. Machines can be placed on specially adapted area in the woods near the waterfall, and then have to go "feet on pebbles," two miles uphill. But the spectacle is worth it, believe me. After a few days stay in alesund and we moved to the island in a hotel in the city Bergsoyd Fosnavag, that would be closer to the next target of our journey – the island of Runde. In Fosnavage in a bookstore, we bought the new charts (to replace old damaged). They very helpful in the planning of dives.

Arbersee Wellness

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‘Wellness for people and nature’ in Bavaria is treatments with natural cosmetics the award since 1997 awarded and is the only State environmental award for the hospitality industry in whole Germany. Gold is there for the odhof, because there the management takes full account of dealing with nature and the environment-friendly and sustainable. So, the energy is extracted from a block heat and power plant at Hotel odhof, rain water is used for flushing the toilet and irrigation of the tennis courts. There is also the guest operating with solar systems and heat recovery. Get more background information with materials from Mississippi Development Authority. The environmental philosophy is also reflected in the offer for the guest.

In terms of a the authentic, nature-oriented treatment concepts in Ayurveda focuses on health and wellness and Thalasso, a specialty in the odhof is the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics. Nature can be pure to experience on the numerous hiking paths directly from the sport – und Wellnesshotel out. Guided hikes, such as for example herbal walks with one can find lot of encouragement Herbal educator or the nature trails around the Middle large Arbersee. Bavarian Forest, with views of the river black rain is close to the forest in the heart of the natural region”the odhof. Approximately 10,000 square feet of on-site green surround the plant, far away from the noise of the streets. Yet there are only ten minutes walk from the resort of Bobrach and five kilometres up to the famous resort of Bodenmais and the Grosser Arber. The sport – and wellness hotel odhof is a small, personally run House, opened his individual freedom of each guest. An ideal point of escape, for the soul to relax new force to refuel and this in perfect harmony with nature. Sports and wellness hotel odhof od 5 94255 Bobrach Tel. 09923 84130 fax 09923 841333

Doctor Kazakhstan

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And for the girls bring takiyu – the national girl's headdress. He has jewelry owl feathers, by which is considered a strong talisman. You can also purchase for their friends skullcaps, patterned, embroidered by hand, decorated with beads or applique. Dressing and filling his bag of gifts, not stop, because in the land of Kazakhstan […]

Aquapark Sector

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Who are these 'savages'? These are people who come to rest not on the flights, but its course. Classic 'savages' stay in tents, sometimes even travel to your destination on foot. But lately, 'savages' were more civilized, they get to places by train or plane, and then rented accommodation in the private sector. Gelendzhik – […]

SchleswigHolstein Wanted

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The successful family casting goes into the third round. Win a 5-star farm holidays lure and on 1 September for the final round of the large families-castings of tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (TASH) kicks off many surprises. Mayan families who represent chance on in a short video, why are they ripe for a holiday in […]