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'God bless you! " – Tell the person who sneezed? This respect for the old etiquette. I wish you health sneezing was made in ancient times, when custom had good reason. In the early first millennium bc, it was circulated in Palestine. Wrote about this ancient Jewish priests and scribes, who believed that such a rule of behavior arose soon after the 'creation', when the raging some strange disease. Indeed, in those ancient times there ailment, is now virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. One of them was a 'plague' – pneumonic plague.

This terrible disease began with a light sneeze and cough, which gradually intensified. Not surprisingly, therefore, that a sneeze in public places was perceived then as an extraordinary event, attracted worldwide attention, and everyone was in a hurry to be safe, wishing health culprit general panic. Y Ancient Greeks believed that the gods, forcing people to sneeze, sending him and his fellow citizens, some signs. And just in case, not knowing exactly what the gods send, causing the sneezing, the Greeks say 'God bless you Zeus! " (Zeus Greek mythology, the supreme God, the lord of gods and men). In ancient Rome, sneezing almost always presaged joy. Believed that the small Cupid sneezes whenever to be born beautiful. Cardiologist has much experience in this field.

Severe Emperor Tiberius relented on the successful sneezing. Click Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to learn more. He even issued a special decree, which commanded his subjects certainly welcome any sneezing man saying: 'Let this be a benefit to you! ". Linger as a specified greeting fined. If you believe the legend, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon would be if he did not sneeze from the heart. Plutarch said that Socrates owes his wisdom, frequent sneezing, followed by his thoughts cleared. In the old Scottish parents with great attention to expect when their newborn child deigns to sneeze for the first time. Sneezing was considered a sign that the child is normal mentally. Among them, was a widespread belief that the idiots do not know how to sneeze. In certain Asian countries remained prejudice – not good sneeze. It is based on the belief that the judges in hell is written on a daily basis in his book, those who must soon die, and people at the moment feel the need to sneeze. But if you try not to sneeze, the infernal judge forgets to write in his book, someone's fate. Do not disregard the usual sneezing and 'educated' people in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, India. So, when you sneeze Hindu saying: 'Live', and he says 'with you'. Muslim sneezing praises of Allah, a resident of Samoa wants: 'Be alive'. Zulus believe that sneezing is a sign vitality of man. In Japan, believe that when a person sneezed again, it means that someone has approved, and if twice, then scolds. Nowadays, of course, everyone knows that on the wishes of 'Cheers' sneezing did not arrive and from him does not lose anything, but nevertheless the custom persists.