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Oedipus Human

Posted by on January 31, 2014 (Comments Closed)as

The rebellion of who is aware limits seems to me unavoidable, "he argued in my bed while we sailed along the thoughts from the Super God I needed. I thought that if Freud had theorized about the Oedipus complex, one could also talk about the Super God complex in men, and the theory of killing God to take his place, it would be the biggest challenge it faces, and it would legitimate that the man does not act under the submission of a chain that does not recognize as inherent. Now he saw things with complete clarity and was not afraid of my thoughts, as I embraced my status twinned with innocent, magnified the case against him by those who live in perpetual fear of God. For what God does, but play with us? We must be good and then he will reward us, that's the slogan of all religions. Too many demands for a reward not elected nor necessarily desired. The man only pretends to be happy, avoid pain, suffering, old age, death, but nothing is awarded.

Why we have to resign ourselves to be pawns of God? Then I thought that many readers will be labeled me proud to make known my privates, and then started another debate no less interesting. I believe that when one is proud to do so against men, but against God, bellowing the impotence of not being able to survive on nothing. Pride, vanity, selfishness or pride are areas that God laughs or they do not vary its policy on the ground. That's why these attitudes are touching human beings are full of frustration, and show that the human being is aware of the need to be measured with God, knowing that the battle is already lost. Why hate our neighbors if we are the product of the same inexplicable game?, Do you realize how revolutionary is this question?, Why not consider pride as a corrective to our unwanted vulnerability? After thinking about these theories, I stopped to question these reflections who offend most, or whether God really offended by anything, and I concluded that knowing the answer either solve anything. And is that last night I was totally leaning toward the human condition to the other creatures at our disposal, and on which we have the stupid feeling of domination, and who are fortunate enough not to ask questions. There was no trace of my thinking objectivity.

And I wondered if it could support these theories, with some a philosophical movement that supports them or if they would be regarded as mere nonsense. I began to conquer sleep, should wake up early tomorrow and face the everyday and my fellows. I was done, the Super God faded I languidly and making the mundane, that of face-to-face life of a dog. I fell into a deep sleep.