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Solomon Islands Piercing

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Nose piercing septum – (septum) – a type of piercing of the nose, which in time, pierced septum of the nose. Septum piercing came to us from the depths of antiquity, as well as many other types of piercings. Septum was distributed among the peoples of Iran, Maya, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands. In the nasal septum inserted into various ornaments made of bones and tusks of animals, feathers of birds. In our time, for piercing the septum using a special semi-ring with two balls on ends ('horseshoe'), as a species instead of balls may be peaks. There are also various keeper (keeper) and bar ('bananas'). For obvious reasons, a large variety of jewelry for piercing the septum does not.

In addition, the piercing for him considered to be among the most painful piercings a person and a challenge. Puncture get painful because both the existing version of the anesthesia does not produce the desired result. Spray can not freeze the cartilage, and injection of anesthetic would only unnecessary pain. In general, pierce the bottom of the nasal septum piercing and complexity is what you need to pierce your nose exactly perpendicular. Otherwise, the piercing is look crooked, but it also creates difficulties in wearing body piercing jewelry will always have to correct you.

What is the process you can see the puncture in the next video. Despite its sufficient extremality septum piercing has its admirers and followers. And not just among the youth underground, but also among the stars. American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson, about a year ago, was spotted on the streets Los Angeles, with piercings in her nose. John Craig Venter might disagree with that approach. Many of her fans took this unique, demanding that their idol to get rid of earrings. What is reasonable Scarlett said: "When I was underage, my mom hard control how many earrings must be in each ear. Now I'm a grown man, and my desire to have piercings can not be called adolescence, and other nonsense. I think I look great and not like everyone else! Piercing perfectly with my inner world! But what's the problem at all! " If you have decided and are confident that the septum piercing will perfectly complement your image, in any case, do not puncture with random people. Go to this seriously and consult a professional piercing studio. This will save you frustration and health problems. Links nose piercings: nose piercing catalog of 585 gold piercing care Piercing