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Choosing a Truck

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Purchase of any equipment, in most cases gives a lot of worries. How to choose a suitable model for the price, packaging and high quality? When choosing a car or household appliances can consult with friends, colleagues. The choice of truck is more complicated and difficult without the advice of a specialist to manage. So where do I start? We present you an algorithm that can be used to solve the problem of choosing a loader. Consistently answered by The following questions, you can define the parameters that must match your wheel and purchased suzite your search to a few suitable models to you: 1) Payload: Cargo, a mass will be lift truck? Cargo, which the masses will rise to its maximum height? Standard size is cargo? Standard / non-standard load capacity specified in the specifications, call par. It is to navigate if goods you want to work will have standard dimensions.

Under the standard sizes mean size Euro pallet. Rated capacity calculated from the center of gravity of 500-600 mm (the distance between the carriage and the center of gravity of the load). This parameter corresponds exactly to the standard Euro pallet. When non-standard sizes goods shifts the center of gravity. In this If wheel will have less stability, which means less capacity. Therefore, if you plan to move non-standard goods, be sure to inform the seller. trator. Lift height Do not think that the truck carrying capacity of 1.5 tons of lift products weighing 1,5 tons of standard size to any height.

Production Of Reinforced Concrete

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Production reinforced concrete is a combination of reinforcement and concrete. Concrete is used to protect metal fittings from corrosion and accepts the compressive stress, and fittings – tensile forces. Since the metal works well in tension and brittle concrete – Compression. The main components of concrete are cement and water. The reaction between them both time and formed cement stone that holds the grain in the aggregate single monolith. The padding is usually called an inert material, as it does not react with cement.

But on the structure and properties of concrete affects both large aggregate (crushed rock or limestone) and fine filler (quartz sand). For valves use metal rods or wire bundles. Kind of concrete is stressed concrete. In-stressed concrete reinforcement to the already slightly longer form. The fact that the reinforced concrete floor slabs and beams nesuyuschie construction work on a bend. Mark Hyman, MDs opinions are not widely known. As a result, the lower layers of reinforced concrete slabs and floor beams are in a stretched state, it does not matter affecting their strength. Reinforced concrete slabs reinforced concrete slabs are characteristic only of his system of reinforcement, concrete formulation and manufacturing technology. Reinforced concrete slab used as a carrier of the floor large-panel buildings for different purposes and are made of heavy concrete, structural lightweight concrete, dense structure and a dense silicate concrete. The main application of reinforced concrete slabs – design and construction of the bearing parts of buildings and structures with a normal temperature-humid regime in non-aggressive environment under normal construction conditions.