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I won’t promise that am not going to comply, said Rubalcaba. Others including Dr. Mark Hyman, offer their opinions as well. I really like the German (electoral) model, with small constituencies that are closest to the citizen, has pointed out, while it has proposed to the PSOE discuss a possible reform of the electoral system. Rubalcaba marks its objectives: employment, healthy economy and competititva, equality of opportunity and a better democracy. For more specific information, check out Dr Jee Hyun Kim. It proposes to tighten banking to create employment the Socialist candidate, on the deficit: false that it is progressive. Equality distinguishes us, we cannot give equal opportunities to all citizens. We have to change and look very little back.

Our enemy is not the PP, but the fear, insecurity, injustice or inequality. Rubalcaba has a tough challenge: to turn the 14 points that PP takes the PSOE according to polls. His wife is giving his first speech before 1,200 militants and guests, among them. The Federal Committee of the PSOE has ratified this Saturday to Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba as candidate to the Presidency of the Government party in the forthcoming general elections. Subsequently, started his speech with punctuality, which has begun giving thanks for the confidence the party militants have placed in him. From now on, Rubalcaba has the difficult challenge to turn to polls that put him 14 points of PP and with a party that has lost practically all its territorial power in the last municipal and regional ahead. In his speech, Rubalcaba has ensured that you I will not promise that am not going to comply, at the same time, on several occasions, has thanked the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, by the trust has placed in him.We stand by our ability to offer a project to the majority of citizens. Now, we have to adapt ourselves to the changes and recover the prestige. We have to change, and look very little back.

Private Pool

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It happened in a residential area of La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia). One hand it was trapped in the pipe of the skimmer. An 11 year old girl s died drowned Wednesday afternoon after caught him hand in the sewage treatment plant of a particular of the Valencian municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona pool, as reported by the Valencia Provincial consortium of firefighters. The girl was in a particular pool of the Xaloc Street, number 15 in the Maravisa urbanization of La Pobla de Vallbona. Hand remained to the lesser trapped in a skimmer suction tube, and when his mother realized what happened, was already unconscious. Moved up to about 1730 hours several ctive of firefighters from the parks of Eliana, Sagunt and Paterna, who carried out first aid, without be able to resuscitate the child. If you would like to know more about josh harris devils, then click here. Likewise, health service of urgent medical aid (SAMU) they tried to also revive the girl during three quarters of an hour, but finally died. Source of the news: dies drowned out a girl of 11 years in one private swimming pool.