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Will not set free channel? The ministry of communications of the notice requirements, in major holidays, especially traffic flow bigger toll station, to set up the special major holidays mini-bus free channel, avoid charging and free vehicle mixed passing vehicles. For this formulation, the relevant person in charge of zhejiang province communication department that is very s difficult, one thousand are not eligible for free car broke into, and stuck to do? Others suggested that if afraid of plugging, can’t direct the pole to stand up, avoid brought into visa card steps. To this, the relevant departments or think it according to the existing network card take into, the network charge card program go. The reporter understands, at present the neighbouring zhejiang province has produced a first draft rules, ideas and jiangsu are basically the same, also still can’t save this link card take t. Zhejiang province is clear, to free the recognition of vehicle license to the models shall prevail. ETC owners how to do? At present, jiangsu has hundreds of thousands of installed don t stop electronic label users, have accounted for the entire road network per high speed flow of nearly 20%. Moreover, since aug.

1, Shanghai WanGan his zhejiang fujian six provinces networking, then take ETC not parking charge channel owners will be more and more. Free the New Deal just come out, then there is the consultation owner: the owner of the ETC is the way of the original go? Will automatically was not done up fee? The relevant person in charge told reporters yesterday, affirmation or walk ETC special channel, improve the efficiency of network traffic. Recently our province will adjust to ETC charging system perfect, to ensure that the seat and the small free bus rapid transit. Related news > Xuzhou taizhou 2 toll station will be moved to the provincial boundaries, city in the world On July 15, 8 on our province merger of 12 level highway toll station, including 10 to toll station directamente cancelled, and two toll station will be moved to its place. The reporter yesterday, 2 migration learns of the toll station: taizhou jiang ping line of jingjiang toll station, xuzhou 104 national highway toll station of XuHan period to already clear, jingjiang toll station will be moved to the boundary of the jingjiang and nantong, xuzhou the toll station will move to the north and the intersection of shandong province. The relevant person in charge told reporters that at present province clear for level 1 highway charges site Settings train of thought, one is as far as possible in the provincial boundaries, boundary city place, wrong place between urban traffic and trouble relations; The second is in some and highway parallel ordinary highway, appropriate set some toll station, such doing is to prevent overloading trucks will focus on flood in, to the ordinary highway maintenance vessel and bring a lot of difficulties.