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GeForce Netbook

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Major Hewlett-Packard Company began manufacturing netbook recently, just two years ago. Go to Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine for more information. It all started with a model HP Mini-Note 2133, published in 2008. In the Russian market netbook appeared in early 2009. Netbook Mini-Note 2133 was built on a platform of VIA. It was a kind of response to the ASUS Eee PC. The model compares favorably with other similar devices that were made in a metal case and had a full-sized keyboard. Screen size was 8.9 inches.

CPU clocked at 1.0-1.6 GHz, the maximum amount of DDR2 memory was 2 GB hard disk capacity of 120-160 GB. Together with the 3-cell battery notebook weighs 1.2 kg. More information is housed here: Joint Commission. To date, model Mini-Note 2133 is obsolete, because a new modification on the basis of processor Intel Atom N270 – HP Mini-Note 2140, which is equipped with 10-inch glossy screen, 1GB of 'RAM' and the drive to 160 GB. Compact size notebook impact on the touchpad, which controls were located on each side of the touchpad. HP Mini 110 model is based on the same Intel Atom processor clocked at 1.6 GHz. The screen size of 10 inches, has a non-standard resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and a matte finish, which is considerably improves the perception of pictures on a sunny day. The remaining features are the same.

Netbook HP Mini 311 is built on a platform NVIDIA Ion, which work in conjunction Intel Atom N270 chip and GeForce 9400M. In the model of memory installed standard DDR3, running at 1066MHz. Key features is the ability to reproduce the netbook format movies Full HD (1080p), DirectX 10 support and technology NVIDIA CUDA, which allows to work with heavy applications for graphics and video, and run advanced 3D-games in normal quality. Hear other arguments on the topic with MasterClass. Another Netbook from HP – Mini 5102 is a model. Feature of this device is the optional ability to install a capacitive touch screen with support MultiTouch, as well as handles for easy carrying. Housing notebook is made of anodized aluminum. The device is equipped with a hard drive to 320 GB or SSD-drive capacity of up to 128 GB. This is a solid and expensive laptop, which is unlikely to be used success in a broad segment of the population, but it certainly find its buyer. HP Mini 210 will be of interest to students and people who love to travel, thanks to its light weight and the possibility of installing GPS and 3G. This model is based on new platform Pine Trail with an Intel Atom N450 and N470. The netbook has a screen diagonal of 10 inches, and the case can be made in four colors (black, blue, red, silver). The touchpad buttons are combined into one panel, with support function MultiTouch. The disadvantages of the HP Mini 210 may include a glossy screen coating, which, incidentally, can be used.