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Chief Sanitary Doctor

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Another drawback of modern ceramic ware is its relatively high cost. Unfortunately, the market can meet the low-quality ceramics – it does not heat resistant. Peter A. Levine PhD oftentimes addresses this issue. In the bowl of aluminum is not recommended cooking sharp and sour dishes, stew and fry vegetables, boil the milk. Other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman offer similar insights. Even at a small heating even weak acids and alkalis destroy aluminum, and it falls to us to eat. However, it is good that it cooking oatmeal more convenient than in enamelware. In the last dairy products often burn up.

Conclusion can be drawn is this: to cook in aluminum cookware can, but keep cooked food in it is not necessary. Teflon – a good non-stick coverage, but he begins to evaporate from the surface of the dish at 200 C. Effects of Teflon fumes on the human body not been sufficiently studied, but the known cases of painful reactions among workers involved in producing Teflon cookware, and also among housewives who actively use this achievement of civilization at the close kitchens. Keep this in mind! Silicone cookware is a bit fantastic, but very convenient Silicone Cookware elastic, durable and can withstand temperatures up to 280 degrees. It can be used in ovens, microwave ovens and cook meat and fish on aerogrilyah. In addition, the food it can be frozen. Silicone – an inert material which does not rusts and does not crumble, do not interact with any hot or with ice products.

Silicone cookware is very easy to take what you have prepared – just enough to pull over the edge and bend the soft silicone in the opposite direction. Smooth surface has a natural non-stick properties. But the most remarkable is that after your culinary exercises such form can be compactly roll. When you expand it the next time, she take an initial look. You should not write off the cast-iron cookware. Although it is heavy, but the food in it almost does not stick, slowly heated (so it is especially good in her stew) and slowly cools down. Super-eco plate – eat lunch, you can eat and the dishes there and edible utensils. Plates made from bamboo, sugar cane, starch and water, according to the manufacturer, effectively struggle with the problem of pollution environment. Under normal circumstances, such plates completely decompose within 180 days, and in the water disappear in just 2 days. This environmentally-friendly tableware is suitable for microwave, oven and refrigerator. A service used by farmers can to pay for fodder. Plastic tableware is very convenient. Kasi it does not cook – melt plastic. But in such a packaging is very convenient to carry and reheat in a microwave oven products. Also, do not beat. But it should be very wary Melamine plastic tableware! If you can see on the back of an elegant plastic box label melamin – in any case do not buy and even less use for other purposes. Melamine contains formaldehyde, which can allocated for food from the interaction of hot water, especially if the dishes at least a little scratched. Formaldehyde is one of the carcinogenic substances causes severe irritation of the eyes, throat, skin, respiratory tract and lungs. About serious danger of melamine tableware said even the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia. Nevertheless, it is still widely sold in this country.

Curing Diabetes Naturally

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Panacea for obesity and diabetes. Combine chrome and Program of the Natural Flaring of excess weight! How quickly, efficiently and intelligently to lose those extra pounds. If there were non-toxic product that would be reduced hunger, reduced desire to eat sweets, significantly helped to reduce excess weight, diabetes and even warned wrestled with him, improve mood, and there would be irrefutable evidence of this, would you include it in your diet? Of course, any sane person would say – YES! Such nutrient exists, and it's called – the mineral chromium. Chromium reduces insulin sensitivity, which in turn reduces appetite, desire eat sweet and fatty, and therefore you can easily burn off those extra pounds without any harm to health. This statement is the result of research recently published in the journal Diabetes.

Methods and Treatment. " 2008. As chromium cures diabetes Insulin resistance (or different forms of diabetes) affects every fourth citizen planetyyu. Among the people who are overweight, this problem is much more frequent, about 95 percent! Chromium has shown its extremely effective in improving insulin sensitivity. The drug is taken people with diabetes, and in some cases, after taking chromium patients cured of diabetes that turns our view of diabetes as an incurable disease.

Insufficient intake of chromium may increase the risk of diabetes of the second type. So what is in the products contained this remarkable mineral chromium? In yeast, oysters, liver, whole grains in cereals and potatoes. Do you eat enough of these products and what quality you can buy these products? Usual diet Russians contains approximately 20-30 micrograms of chromium in the diet and more refined foods (sweets, white bread, white flour products and other empty calories) a person uses, the less he gets of chromium from food, since chromium is found only in whole foods.