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Great tips on the new television; make sure the TV purchase does not unfortunately! Who decides to buy a new TV, is facing an almost unmanageable range of Faltscreens. Now, virtually all manufacturers of televisions have expanded their product range with respect to the flat screens and so one can be very difficult a total overview of all devices. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from cardiologist. However you should consider in advance exactly for what purpose you want to use the new TV. The image quality on the one hand depends on the type of TV. Plasma TVs deliver an excellent image and at this point you have joined model of the manufacturer Samsung, Sony, Philips and Panasonic out. The advantage of the plasma TVs is the large viewing angle and the very liquid images. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Mark Hyman.

LED TVs, however, especially outfitted with their very energy-efficient operation and the very good colour reproduction. LCD TVs are largely the LED models, just that the LCDs just don’t have the background lighting via LEDs have. The representation is already possible with some models in 3D, however, in many cases, the matching 3D glasses not included in the delivery is included. A 3D-Heimino requires appropriate additional devices which can play the desired content in three dimensions and thus transferred to the flat-screen TV in addition to a 3D-capable TV. AV receiver or Blu-ray player are also available from various manufacturers such as Philips, Samsung or Panasonic with the 3D technology. The HDMI connections are best suitable for the transfer of materials in 2D or 3D. With the help of the so-called high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) can be controlled all additional devices via the remote control of the TV.

Furthermore a good LCD or plasma TV should have in any case at least a USB port. In this way, files such as photos, videos or MP3s can be transferred easily on the flat-screen TV. Vice versa you can record also the reputable programs and save it on an external disk. An Internet connection and a network connection for the TV get very comfortable still. So various services on the TV can be received and viewed in the relevant resolution. For the most good TVs full HD resolution should exist in this respect.