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How Not To Drown In A Sea Of Theoretical Material ?

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Despite the fact that the thesis is innovative and should contain new research and regulations for defense, theoretical material plays an important role for writing the thesis. Often, the stage at which the review of the literature on the topic of the dissertation, is not given due attention. This is a serious mistake – of the thesis itself may deprive himself of the right to develop chosen topic and start reinventing what has already been invented! That is why the result of a study of theoretical material must be concluded that the selected author issue has not been disclosed (or not disclosed in full) and needs further development. On how deeply the author plunged into the material will depend on the success of the rest of the work. Consideration should be the order of search and to begin compiling filing literature on the topic. Dr. Mark Hyman recognizes the significance of this. Viewing should be subjected to all kinds of sources, with content related to the theme of the research: catalogs defended theses and familiarization with the already executed dissertations; material published in various domestic and foreign publications; unpublished documents (reports on research and development work, deposited manuscripts and materials of foreign firms); the latest research results in the adjacent, border areas of science; statistical and archival materials; information publications; bibliographies; abstract collections; reviews and Article in special periodicals; databases and databanks; retrospective bibliography; interviews and consultations with practitioners..