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One of the oldest board games in the world – Backgammon since the first simple versions of the Board game Backgammon about there were 3,000 b.c., is considered the game one of the world’s oldest board games. Backgammon is a combination of luck and strategy game. Like any other game, Backgammon certain principles. It is a board game for two people. The Board itself is subdivided into 24 triangles, which are referred to as “Top”. These tips are in turn divided into four quadrants with six peaks, where every second bit has the same color. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Mark J Berger.

Each player has two of the four quadrants, which are each referred to as his home field and external field. The tips are numbered, the last bit of a player with the number 24 is the first tip of the other player immediately. In addition, each player receives 15 same-colored tiles. The game starts with the position that on the top 24 are two stones atop 13 five stones, eight are three stones, and on the top six are five stones. The following cube starts a dice cup and two with the game. The aim of the game Backgammon is to place his own pieces in the own home Board and then removing them. You may start with the ablation but until then as a player, if you previously placed all 15 tokens in the own home field. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue. Winner of the game is the player who first has managed to get all of his tiles by cubes from the Board. Total, Backgammon is certainly with chess to the most popular board games for two people at all. Florian Wohlfahrt