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The Prompt

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No, it was simply just there, let me consider the whole situation for a tiny moment long something funny in the next moment, actually at the same time, when I decided to climb it had dissolved again and I found myself directly then even at the height of the peak. I saw now a nest on the tree branch next to me, and my two alleged flight instructor also a beautiful wide of piece of were closer to me. In this atmosphere of trust, I followed the prompt to jump without hesitation, and I think it was of course me probably in this familiarity, without the cause of the slightest doubt that I would float in the next moment on my wings of. I jumped so, and to my amazement I fell in the free event like a stone on the but Forest floor significantly away from me. There was not the approach by which to recognize what I understand under fly and not, that this could be possible in the future actually.

I was immediately reminded of my humanity, and that this just just reasonably not possible. But this time I was not very much space this limiting image and went instead my Eagle parents call, which prompted me to try it again. In turn, I was immediately afterwards on the branch on which I previously was. And I jumped back. Again free fall, a short dull serve, and I was back to my original starting point. I had no hint of resignation or other unpleasant side effect, only a short, but a significantly dimming always remember my physical disability, being a man, while I heard already, the renewed call of the great spirit and gave me the process of learning, of the Gefuhrtwerdens. The resistance dissipated now gradually completely up, I doubt gave less and less life-force and let this recovered power of steady disciplined exercise benefit.