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Flotation Machine

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Flotation machine (flotation machine) is a kind of flotation device that widely used for selecting copper ore, gold and molybdenum ore, after adding the medicine into the pulp and mixing gas, some mineral particles adhered to the bubble, when these pulp floating to the pulp surface, the bubble products are generated, the other parts are reserve in the pulp, which can achieve the purpose of separating minerals. The structures of flotations are various, the currently widely used type is the mechanical flotation typ machine. This machine is mainly composed of the following parts: the order of the slurry tank, the mixing device, the inflatable device, the discharge mineralized bubble device, the motor and the other components. The most important part is: what are the precautions need to pay attention in the use of flotation machine? Understanding these precautions can help us to prolong the service life of the flotation machine, and increase production efficiency. Do First, we should make the necessary preparations and inspections before the mineral processing equipment flotation machine operating:? check whether the racks, motor base, main bearings and other components of the connection screws are loose or not. check whether all lubrication points are oiled or not.

check whether the V-belt elastic is appropriate or not. check whether the pulley installation are loose or not. check whether the V-belt have the fracture traces. Peter A. Levine PhD takes a slightly different approach. check whether the flotation machine equipment tank leaks. check whether the flotation machine equipment scraper and scraper shaft is intact or not. check whether the flotation machine equipment tank is clean or not, we need to assure debris there without that. check whether the slurry pipe is unobstructed or not.

check whether switch box knife is intact or not. Anu Saad usually is spot on. Does The second we need to pay attention to is the rational use of flotation machine equipment (flotation machine)? the flotation beneficiation equipment ore feeding should be uniform, and shall not be excessive. We should properly control the pulp density and Pharmacy. adjust flotation machine equipment into the gas. the flotation tank should not contain wood chips, rags and other debris. If the flotation machine equipment is required to stop, the ball mill need to stop first, only after stopping the ball mill 20minutes, the flotation can be stopped. We only need to note the above precautions, the use of machines can be maintained, and greatly increase beneficiation production efficiency, increase cost-effectiveness. Ball mill: Raymond mill: