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Spontaneity Coach

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The author of the article: Irina Kurakina business coach, ceo of Provocation growth "According to statistics, the Internet thousands of people every month are looking for exercise or game for training. Why? They have poor professional repertoire? Or simply do not have time to develop themselves exercise or play? Or maybe just not enough professional experience? Of course, not enough experience. I have often heard from new coach of the phrase: "And here I will spend a very good toy. " What does it mean good? And you're a bad spend? Training – this is not the discipline of ethics, which decides what is good and bad. Training – is a tool for business, therefore, questions which it decides are in the plane effectively – is ineffective. And the coach a professional knows what exercises and games themselves are not good or bad – they are effective or ineffective.

Approach to training must be systemic, ie, conscious and attentive to all of its elements and relations between them. ! Systematic approach takes into account all the elements and relations between them. And if the coach puts the task in the tests results, the excite him to be a program, and not a single exercise and play. The training market is going through difficult times, and wonder have nothing happen: there are no performance standards, and the threshold for entry into a profession so low that almost anyone can declare himself a business coach. Previously, fans were calling themselves psychologists in life, and now there are "life coaches".

Health Business

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Hello, friends! I decided to raise the most relevant topic for everyone – life. Yes, it is life. Official site: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. After all, how we live affects our health, values, attitude, health, social circle and, to a great extent, on fate. Do you feel yourself a happy person? And how often do you feel yourself a happy man? Try to honestly answer these 2 questions. Dr. Mark Hyman does not necessarily agree. If both answers yes – congratulations! You are happy and successful person. Feel free to close this page to continue to receive maximum enjoyment of life. If not – read on. Little secret Each of you has their values and priorities, and over time they have properties change.

For example, yesterday you were dreaming about career development in a large company, but today poised to embark on building their business. And it is absolutely normal! I will tell you a little secret: your life depends on it Your priorities. You act in those areas of life that you override. Accordingly, the dream, set goals and act in these areas. And nothing, but this is just a theory. In practice, most often observed bias in favor of any spheres. In one area a person can feel much more successful than another, and vice versa.

As a result, there is no right balance and it is very difficult to achieve success in all priority directions, and, hence, full of life satisfaction. For example, a novice businessman, is so fond of business, that it overshadowed the health and family values. As a result, constant quarrels with loved ones and relatives, lack of time for children, deterioration of health Certainly, such situations should be corrected, but before the fix, you need to figure out where it is skewed. Not so long ago, somewhere six months ago, I was able to communicate with coaches a fast-growing international company. They showed me a powerful tool which I use until now. This thing called a “wheel of life balance.” I really like this simple, but at the However, an effective technique. The wheel looks like this: First, draw a circle that is divided into several parts. Center of the circle is taken as zero, and from all sides of the rays are laid equal segments. Remember how in school drawing the coordinate axes? By the same principle established by the values here. The maximum value we have is ten, respectively, each beam is divided by 10 equal parts. Next comes into your sober assessment and honesty. All that is required of you – this is noted on a ten scale, satisfaction with every aspect of life. Assume that you have a great career and a rapid growth in the service. Hence, the satisfaction of the sector can be estimated at 10 points. But with the health you have not. Hence, on a ten scale up health clearly falls short. Let’s say, serious health problems there, and quite a lot smaller. Suppose, in this case satisfaction in the sector “Health” can be assessed points on 6. Similarly, the estimated state of affairs in other important segments for you. Estimates are all very individual and depend on your feelings. Just be honest with a! For greater objectivity can show the result a loved one. Score That’s it! Now we estimate, “roll” if your wheel, that is, whether you achieved balance in the various spheres of life?

That Is La Banca Electronica

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The beginning of the banking outside the Bank was around 1995 in the country of Spain. Initially it started with using the phone to consult States account but not to be able to do more than know information. Some time later was incorporated in the United States where he continued and positioned in the internet […]