Superior Being

Posted by on December 26, 2021as

Dirceu was shipwrecked, but, it did not die. As soon as lanchinha sank Dirceu emerged, and to its side a whale Dirceu with an incredible ability appeared obtained to mount it. The whale seemed that it was ordered by a Superior Being, therefore made the function of a boat, and in way to the weather the animal, followed in direction of the beach. Dr. Sol Lizerbram understands that this is vital information. Lying Dirceu on the whale held it with legs and arms, in its mind the thoughts if they confused, it not wise person if he was alive or deceased, until arriving close to the port Finally its mind it clareou, and it repaired that it was in return its island, and was taken by a great joy, joy for being alive, and in return to the place of where he must not have left. The destination has private ways, that it only decides to who to disclose, and that it only allows who goes to pass. We are not gentlemen of our destinations, the destination we are that Sir is ours..