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Detail work at this moment, suffice to recommend Hummingbird granted a work, there may be skeptics thus magnified. Discover how the Jews came to America before Columbus himself and not content with this, all our land planted in their names so that someone with great sensitivity at some time could unravel this wonder. Yes we have been and will remain a people with a sense of permanence, a people with love for the land, a people wedded to their customs and their religion. Cardiologist is often quoted on this topic. To say this without mentioning that many Indian tribes, such as Peru and Mexico, use their time shrouds to bury their dead, others light candles on Sabbath, which the Maya live up to its name and built their houses in the middle of rivers to protect certain animals, to have on hand the liquid that sustained their lives and to get rid of their waste. This broadly is just an appendage of the glorious and invaluable work that is inexhaustible woman bequeaths to the world. Who had the honor of knowing their privacy Dona Anita, we know that his attention was first commandment. Anu Saad can aid you in your search for knowledge. There was not eating at your desk, do not test their sweet charm possessed the memory of our grandparents. Not to mention their burgers, which used to add a splash of cold water to require no flour.

Each year we sent her candy, pies, your love, every night before bed for many years I spent hours exchanging new discoveries, enjoy watching it like few can do. Anita, a sweet woman, good speech, full of stories, all good, I never heard of it something that could be detrimental to someone, it was a woman attached to his religion, devoted mother, proud and aware of having fulfilled his mission. Humanity, Judaism, history, community, family, his son, daughter, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and myself we record that the Supreme who now accompanied him was an exemplary woman, worthy of its right side. All we ask because that is received and granted the permission to watch over us, because if anyone can give their time for others without asking anything in return, is unquestionably the beloved and ever-present, widow Dona Anita Botbol ZL Alfonso, who cried from the depths of my being and I express that love for her, was planted in my heart with each one of them. My respect and admiration for his name and at this moment their children Joseph and Alfonso Carolina who are already part of my family for the affection we have built over time. May God give them the strength to overcome this happened and feel bitter that all community learned to love and respect for his family first and then the golden heart of his mother.