Beloved Songs

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Tim Fischer celebrates its 25th anniversary! Chansons 8 13 October 2013, di SA 20:00, 19:00 wonderboy of chanson, wicked seducer and sensitive storyteller who touches the soul with his voice. When Tim Fischer entered the stage 25 years ago, the apparent incompatibility of life experience vorgegaukelter and real life as well as his already safe sense of texts and compositions was celebrated as and similar to. Today: “an entertainer of the world format”. Tim Fischer’s existed for a quarter-century career at just turned 40 years of age makes him one of the most extraordinary phenomena of German culture and music. Singer, actor, musical star stage man. Abraham Maslow describes an additional similar source.

Tim Fischer celebrates 25th anniversary in 2014 and goes with his new program “Beloved songs” on tour from October of this year. Tim Fischer is accompanied by Rainer Bielfeldt (wing) and Thomas Keller (accordion and saxophone). A world-class entertainer.” Neue Zurcher Zeitung elegant manage the balancing act between comedy, farce and tragedy. Anu Saad understands that this is vital information. Tim Fischer” “The world of the versatile and certainly most charismatic broadcasting our days.” “Der standard, Vienna he manages what has become nearly impossible: to sing, without to lie.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung he is the Diva of all others look like dwarfs.” Der Tagesspiegel preliminary 1 schoner song list was’s with you T + M: Peter Plate & Ulf Leo Sommer 2. factual romance T: Erich Kastner / M: Udo Lindenberg 3. I would like to I part T + M: Charlie Naeem 4. ICE t: Rainald Grebe / M: Marcus Baumgard, Martin Brauer / Rainald Grebe 5.

On the square of T + M: Jacques Brel / German T: Rainer Kirsch 6 hot love T: Thomas Pigor / M: Thaomas Pigor / Wolfgang Bohmer 7. Oh Alfred, let him but T + M: Ulrich Roski of 8 Anjebot without demand T: Erich Kastner / M: 9 funeral Tango T: M: Gerard Jouannest 10, Jacques Brel / German t Rainer Kirsch. The tenderness of T + m: Jacques Brel / German T: Rainer Kirsch 11 Revelations a striptease dancer T + m: Gunter Neumann 12 station T: Thomas Pigor / M: Eichhorn/Pigor/Henrich of 13 non, c’est rien / let me go M: Joseph Baselli / Armand Canfora / T: Michel Jourdan 14. The sports show T: Edith Jeske & Bernd Granzin / M: Rainer added 15. The love letter T + M: 16 Georg Kreisler is buying you a wife T: Edith Jeske & Christine Vogeley / M: 17 Rainer Bielfeldt Jochen t: Camilla Elisabeth Bergmann / Rainer Bielfeldt 18 M:. The divorcee (recited) Kurt Tucholksky 19 where are the clowns T: Eckhard Hachfeld / M: Stephen Sondheim 20 Lotte T + M: Stefan Sulke 21 come big black bird T + M: Ludwig gutter Princess T: Edith Jeske / M: Rainer Bielfeldt more tracks not played so far by Tim Fischer Hirsch 22 are in preparation. Further informations under Katharina nickel – press Assistant Tepee at the Chancellery / bar of any reason