the muscles

Posted by on December 27, 2013as

Moreover, the arms are also getting tired holding this thing to my face. Then (yes, I did shame on me!) I bought the electronic mask! This was a 45 minute a day regime. Forget it. I found that I would not spend time doing this either. In addition, the results were not very close. I looked like “baggy” and tired than ever. Sigh? He should not have another alternative to isometrics and electric shocks! Then I discovered the exercises of the face. Yes! To make a long story short, I ended up buying the 12 programs offered there in the market at the time.

I discovered to my amazement, that these programs were too long, too short, incomplete, “incompetent”, or also took 40 minutes a day. However, some of these exercises are the results on my face. I discovered that the old belief that touching or rubbing his face caused wrinkles was false. Actually, I was met with resistance training for the muscles of the face. This made sense to me. After everyone knows that through exercising in a gym or through yoga, we can reaffirm the body and skin. Naturally, the same could be said about the muscles and skin of the face.

I was about to know for sure. Since I am a teacher at heart (I taught school for several years) I developed my own program and obtained results surprising. My wrinkles are flattened out and then disappeared. The muscles of his face got bigger and lift created, giving me the look of youth.