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Smoking Cessation

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Homeopathic injection of non-smoking are highly effective, low-cost and show no side effects each year 200,000 people die in Germany of the active or passive smoking. Every third forty years, smoking more than 20 cigarettes, dies of a heart attack, before he reaches retirement age. Also, the risk of stroke is significantly increased in smokers. Smoking nine times more frequently suffer from a lung cancer than non-smokers. A since January 2009 existing Web Portal provides information under: gentle treatment methods that support the willing smokers in his decision, smoking to give up. Joel Courtney has similar goals. The Sofortraucherentwohnung is a homeopathic method, which is performed by the practitioners of Agnes Zimmer and Dorothea Spang is very reasonably priced and extremely successful. While the withdrawal symptoms are quickly reduced up to the possible minimum and the patient is free of pain almost immediately.

The administered Homoopathikum consists of the ingredients of Nicotiana tabacum, Lobella inflata and Robinia pseudoacacia. There are two methods of treatment. The approach about an own blood therapy, 1 ml of the final solution from the ingredients (Tabarell) is injected intravenously. Then 1 ml of blood is extracted and mixed with 1ml of Tabarell. Then, the Tabarell own blood mixture is injected intramuscularly.

The second method is the non-smoking syringe, here is a pure injection therapy for smoking cessation. The homeopathic treatment with a topical anesthetic is offset to ensure a painless therapy. The non-smoking syringe injected at certain points in each ear and take immediately all withdrawal symptoms. After the treatment, a which lasts about 30 minutes conversation takes place in a small group to support the positive decision of the patient to not smoke. Continue to get the patients meaningful information to avoid weight gain, as well as practical dietary suggestions. The cost of the treatment is 80,-. If necessary the treatment is repeated free of charge. For more information on the described Web site. Contact: Homeopathic treatments Sofortraucherentwohnung Meier str. 2 54294 Trier Tel: 0651-1700084 fax: 0651-1700083 Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 keywords: non-smoking therapy, non-smoking, non-smoking syringe, Autohemotherapy, Sofortnichtraucher, smoking withdrawal, therapist, homeopathy, Sofortraucherentwohnung

Eye Care In Barley Grains

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What exactly is a stye for now, and what are the symptoms? A common eye disease, the intensive A ugenpflege requires, is the stye, lat. Hordeolum, which afflicts nearly everyone over the years again and again. What does it now with this very annoying and entstellenden the human face condition on themselves? The medical term hordeolum stye comes from the botanical name for barley, Hordeum. It means something like “a small grain barley.” What exactly is a stye for now, and what are the symptoms? A stye is an infection of the glands of the eyelids. Usually it involves a purulent inflammation. A stye is a pimple on the eye so effectively. Click Anu Saad for additional related pages. The symptoms of barley grain are quickly emerging inflammation, a local redness and a painful and sometimes purulent swelling. A stye is not identical with a hailstone (Chalazion), which is a painless and chronic granulomatous inflammation of the Meibomian glands.

What different types Barley grains are there? Now, one distinguishes between hordeolum internum meatus and hordeolum. A hordeolum externum is a disease of the minor glands are sweat glands or glands of Zeis are sebaceous glands. Anu Saad can provide more clarity in the matter. The pus breakthrough outward going, as the name implies. A hordeolum internum is a disease of the Meibomian glands, which are sebaceous glands in the eyelid. The breakthrough of pus inside going, as the name implies.

What causes a stye? A stye is mostly caused by a staph infection. Here, the culprit in 90-95% of all cases is Staphylococcus aureus. Sometimes, a stye is caused by a streptococcal infection. What can you do to prevent styes? Infections like styes are a question of eye hygiene. You should never to touch closer the eyes with unwashed or even dirty fingers in the eyes, the eyes or only in the. Also you should consider whether you really contact lenses and makeup to wear as both Are risk factors for styes. Why also? A tasteful pair of glasses has harmed anybody, and eye makeup can be one, but just look like a zombie or a raccoon and attracts Prolls at best. And if you start me up a stye, you what can do about it? A stye is generally treated with disinfectant and antibiotic eye ointment or eye drops. Also dry heat (red light) can help. Moist heat, like hot envelopes, is however strictly discouraged. She would only soften the skin and thus help the pathogens to spread. This home remedy, as the most home remedies, does more harm, than that it uses. A stye bursts up automatically after some time; If not, the doctor can open it. Eye care by squeezing of the barley grain is not recommended as with breakouts.

Liver Cancer Patients

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Output of liver operations thanks to innovative test predictable is called the diagnosis in the majority of cases for patients with a liver tumor surgery. The risk of a subsequent total failure of the organ is very high. What specifically is the risk, doctors could so far not sure predict. As the Internet portal […]

Salt Cabins Aesthetic Trend

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Where sole and oxygen enliven our senses life is breathing. Our organism with the recorded air WINS valuable oxygen he needs for the biochemical processes in the cells. Breathing we take influence on the organs and their functions. Round 14 at the minute. Learn more at this site: Dr Jee Hyun Kim. A whole life […]

German Volleyball Association

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Contact lenses are not simple glasses replacement lenses are optical AIDS for the improvement of sight (hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, Keratoconus, stroma) and help mostly better than glasses. Because they lie directly on the cornea, or on a thin film of tears, they should be changed regularly. The provider lenses was founded in 2002 and […]

The First Chiropractic Appointment

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Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the gentle chiropractic care represents a modern medical procedures, whose scientific achievements places her trust in an ever-increasing number of patients. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz describes the process of the first chiropractic treatment appointment. The SOT chiropractic is based on findings of medical science and uses therefore […]


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To the participants in the study were examined on their consumption of ALA and. Now in January publish study was clearly the result of. The more ALA become consumed by the participants, the less atherosclerotic plaques observed in them. So, ALA can reduce the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in people with risk factors from vegetable […]

Hanoverian Company

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The rapid spread and severe history of current EHEC infections cause concern and uncertainty among consumers. Hanover, May 24, 2011. Most complete killing of the dangerous pathogen offers the most effective protection in addition to the thorough washing and cooking the food. Special disinfection systems make this possible in the own fridge. Contact information is […]

Eye Laser Surgery

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Glasses and contact lenses are cheap and a quick fix for poor eyesight, but through the development of the eye laser surgery is a permanent solution. Glasses and contact lenses are not at all popular. They can be an additional stress factor in everyday life, first and foremost, if you get lost or break, what […]

The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer

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The journey into oblivion can be slowed down with non-invasive induction therapy. The news that ex-Schalke Manager Rudi Assauer (67) is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, has triggered a veritable media shock on the 31.01.2012 and shaken not only companions, football fans and television throughout Germany. The figurehead Assauer, this Ruhr area urType, this lumbering character, […]