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Chronic Disease

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Economic constraints and dependencies prevent the enlightenment forever more often Hilfesuchender Trier. Jon Medved might disagree with that approach. The mass chronic diseases of our time are not as diseases in the classic sense to understand, but rather as a sickening symptoms due to dietary shifts of our body chemistry. Shifts arising especially the daily flood of single ingredients from our food and drinks. We must finally begin to accept this fact, before we us always unholy mired in a hyper-complex construct of economic constraints and dependencies. Were already in 2002 according to the Council of experts three-quarters of German health costs due to chronic diseases. “In connection with this ominous development States a paper of statutory health insurance physicians Association of Rhineland – Palatinate: through the conscious struggle many expenses settled with the own health save.” But who – in a free economic system driven by ROI literally like ours – a truly interested in the containment of costs? Why for example is still k i n enlightenment about, that principle to distinguish chronic disease is between: true disease, which is due to irreparable congenital damage, injuries or undetectable infections occurs in much more lesser extent; Today mass congestion caused chronic suffering, as a result of the enormous wealth of single ingredients, from our modern dishes and drinks now sit together; Food, which increasingly already overwhelmed our metabolic organs in childhood, so that actually excretion wastes accumulate in the body, eventually to disrupt the natural process of biochemical processes.

Without the awareness of those concerned about this fundamental difference this reminiscent of first while constructive formulation of the deliberate examination of the own health reveals itself”, but again only as pure empty phrase. Renowned experts speak today up to 7500 preparations and supplements. Which make it possible around 170,000 foods to – choose between German consumers not to mention the already year-round abundance of natural products.


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The fat on the waist is not only uncomfortable and unsightly, it is also a risk of chronic diseases as important as smoking. If you would like to know more then you should visit OurCrowd. To better understand how to speed up the metabolism, that is, as increasing the body burns calories, will help us better understand what really works to slim the waist: burn more calories than you eat and reduce total body fat. Although often known cases almost miraculous weight loss methods specific body parts or special exercises to reduce waist, the fact is that to reduce it is essential to reduce the total percentage of body fat. Fortunately 99% of people who lose weight lose fat specifically in this area before any other. This is due in part to that visceral fat is more metabolically active than fat beneath the skin. In addition, the higher the excess fat a person has, the faster it will start to lose belly fat when you start losing weight. So, to slim the waist will be essential to initiate a plan.

But we must. To achieve this it is essential to follow a low calorie diet and increasing. There are different types of diets low in calories, but it has been found in several recent studies that any of them produce weight loss and fat similar. The important thing is that it consumes less energy than the body expends. A deficit of 500 calories a day promotes a loss of about 500g of body fat per week, which is quite acceptable. The problem is that for most people to maintain this rate of weight loss is difficult for medium and long term even though at first everything seems to go from strength to strength.

Quality Food

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These people can stop reading the article. CHAPTER 2: Only the most persistent But we are strong with you, we will take for themselves, and even if we did not and was invited to appear in commercials, at least on a local beach we will be pleased to flaunt a new swimsuit. And now starting to move more and eat less! But not everyone knows how to do it correctly. The most common mistake is a complete rejection of all the sweet, tasty, from what used to be afforded pleasure. Should not do that, because an absolute ban can lead a man to neurosis. The food is fun, and depriving yourself of something "sweet" threatens to make life too sweet, not "sweet." Man begins find pleasure in another.

You probably know of cases where people who quit drinking or smoking, dramatically tolsteli. They began to replace it is a pleasure to others, such as smoking, overeating. Medicine known inverse cases of drop-outs begin to overeat more often applied to the glass or smoke. But this is not our purpose to you? On the other hand, reducing the caloric content of their diet, we are decreasing accordingly the amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other micro-and macronutrients from food. Although the quality of modern food processing and its widespread introduction of preservatives is not required to contribute to the preservation normal activity of substances. Even under normal feeding people, not introducing an additional source in the diet of these substances, dooming themselves to certain types of failure. A reduction in the amount of food – even more so. Not time to deposit their excess weight position and cease to be a problem, how to add new challenges in the form of avitaminosis and dismikroelementozov: there is fatigue, irritability, begin to stratify nails fall hair, skin becomes dry, and the mood – bad.

Honey And Allergies

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Allergy and honey you are denying yourself a sweet, fragrant honey and useful because of the propensity to allergies? Your body reacts to a lot of sweet in their diet? How to understand the nature of these unpleasant manifestations, and to deal with them? For a start take a look at what is an allergy. […]