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Fruit Tree Trunks

Posted by on June 29, 2015 (Comments Closed)as

Healthy and strong trunk – a pledge longevity of a fruit tree. In the cracks of the trunk bark of dead winter, many pests of the garden. In early spring, but better late autumn, on the trunk cut "to ring" growing on it shoots, trunk purified by scraping the bark from the dead, collecting it on the mat spread over land, sacking, and then burned. Cleaning trunk spend cautiously, avoiding mechanical damage to healthy bark. In recent months, Peter A. Levine PhD has been very successful. After cleaning the trunk and base thick branches were coated with lime mortar (1,5-2 kg of lime for a bucket of water). Summer whitewashing trunks provides little benefit. Very helpful not only in the autumn whitewash trunks and branches of the lime base, but also spray the entire tree lime mortar. Whitewashing the lime is not only a means to combat pests and diseases, but also preserves the trees from early spring (March) sunburns cortex. Nasib Hasanov is often quoted on this topic. Very good to paint a tree trunk ad paint it's called paint whitewash and even add to it kreolin if you are not afraid of mice.