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The Main Components Of Noni Juice (noni )

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There are at least five components kotorvye make noni juice (noni) as effective especially in its anticancer action. 1.Antrahinony.Antrahinony possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, parasitic and antitumor as well as stimulate the immune system. Noni juice (noni) contains damnakantal – one of anthraquinones, which influences the tumor, disrupting the activities of cells – precursors of malignant tumors (RAS – Cells). Other anthraquinones, such as alizarin, which also contains noni juice (noni), stops blood flow to malignant opuhaley, depriving them of food, which also slows down their growth. 2.Epigallokatehina gallate (EGKG). This polyphenolic flavonoid antioxidants. Noni juice (noni) contains it in large quantities. Scientists – doctors have found that this substance has successfully destroys the cells of malignant tumors.

egkg is also known that the delay cell growth of malignant breast tumors, without affecting healthy cells. 3.Monoterpeny. Monoterpenes may affect the development of cancer as a primary, and at advanced stages, including the process of apoptosis (Programmed cell death). They do not have toxic effects on the body, even in large quantities. One of the most well-known monoterpenes – limonin, which contains lemon and noni juice (noni).

Limonin helps prevent breast cancer, liver, lungs and other organs. In experimenting with rodents has shown effectiveness in treating limonina carcinoma and pancreatic cancer. In addition laboratory data suggest suggest that limonin may be effective in treating some forms of leukemia. Water from the study of limonin was used as a key drug in the treatment of breast cancer. Some researchers believe that limonin and related monoterpenes limoninov group – is "a new class of therapeutic anticancer agents. 4.Polisaharidy. Polysaccharides help to block the development of metostazov. In one study, the undertaken in Science – Research Institute of Tokyo, the scientists infected rat intestinal carcinogen. A month later, the rats for 8 weeks to 3 times per week was administered polysaccharides. Revealed that compared with the control group, which is not injected polysaccharides in the study group was 44% less tumors, and their survival rate has increased by 150%. That's what noni juice (noni). 5.Terpenoidnye connection – it spetseficheskie terpenes, which contains noni juice (noni), such as eugenol, beta – carotene and ursolic acid. Eugenol – the active antimicrobial agent, also have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle. It is often used in various studies on the treatment of cancer breast cancer. Beta – carotene has been successfully applied for lung cancer, skin, cervix, prostate, respiratory and gastro – intestinal tract. Beta – carotene activates the thymus gland, which produces T – cells. Use of beta – carotene in small doses. Ursolic successfully used as an anti-inflammatory and anticancer drugs, applied topically, and the interior.

General Objectives

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This work still is justified for displaying the universal access the essential goods and services to the dignity human being as: public transport of quality, habitation right human, security publishes and education. This remodelling of the public services of health requires time, planning and continuity of the actions in compliance with the necessities of the population. 3 Objectives 3,1 General Objectives To present the SUS as assistencial strategy of public health with social inclusion for other countries and sectors of the public politics. To mobilize the society for the necessity of the popular support for the sustentation and magnifying of the health services. To show that Brazil is capable to develop strategies of management for coherent the public services of health with the different realities and necessities of each region of the country. Referenciar this work of research so that it is available in data base of the Integrated Facultieses Jacarepagu for consultation and study. 3.2 Specific objectives To make a rocking of the twenty years of the SUS as strategy of management of the assistance to the health tracing a parallel with the history of the public health in Brazil.

To extend the quarrel on the popular participation in the construction of assistencial model for the health. To point a positive conception of the health as quality of life and that the government is not only responsible for the maintenance of this concept, but that each individual possesss its parcel of responsibility. To promote the spreading of the SUS in the academic scope. To identify imperfections in the assistance to the users of the public services of health. To acquire knowledge the workers of the health for the qualification necessity and improvements in the quality of the atendimentos of the health services. 4 Methodology of Research the first phase of the work was to select the sources of reference for consultation.