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Changes Calories

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When you quickly lose pounds in a few days, your body vosprinemaet this signal, as the threat of famine and goes into 'survival'. He is struggling to maintain fat reserves, and the main weight loss comes from fluid and muscular parts. Never skip meals, especially breakfast and in between meals you can eat 'healthy snacks'. Regular meals to prevent hunger attacks and the subsequent lingering desire to eat, this may be the only way to maintain efficient metabolism. If you plan to spend the day outside the home or office, plan your snacks in advance and prepare a meal with them, this will allow you to comply with regular meals and avoid the temptation to use harmful junk food. But remember that most likely it was snacking in between meals have resulted in many overweight people.

It is very important to observe the rule that all snacks that are used in time snacks should be healthy, they need to calculate in advance so that there was no desire to overeat. In this case, portions of main dishes must be reduced so as to balance the total daily calories from taking into account the calories derived from snacks. This will help you a diary of calories. Physical uprazheneniya As we wrote earlier, diet and reduce calorie intake may lead to slower metabolism. Physical load will help to avoid this effect. Exercise is a guaranteed safe way to burn more calories. Physical exercise can improve physical and psychological well-being so much that effects of premature aging associated with an increased metabolism, neveliruetsya.

Build your body cardio – exercises most effectively influence the metabolic rate is directly during training. Power load to strengthen the muscles and promote their growth and help maintain the increased metabolism 24 hours a day. During aerobic stress (running, shaping, etc.), burns more calories than strength uprazheniyah (Eg, lifting rod). But you must understand that muscles burn calories and fat tissue – no. This means that the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism steady. Thus, in terms of increased metabolism in long term, the most effective exercises related to the strengthening and capacity-muscular tissue. With age, the metabolic rate declines, largely due to the fact that one of the changes is vozratnyh loss of muscle mass. Respectively, with age, to maintain the body in good shape, the need for physical exercise increases. Genetic factors will always have an impact on us, but by proper nutrition and exercise, we can control our weight.