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Convenience Foods

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(Online article) – allergy triggers from box and bag so convenient they may be, food are becoming more common triggers of allergies. The finished products are offered by more and more manufacturers and often contain a vast amount of ingredients and additives. With the large number of ingested substances increases the risk to develop a food intolerance or allergy. As fruits from foreign countries offered more, were still unknown a few years ago. At the same time, many foods, especially fruits and vegetables, to extend the shelf life, are chemically treated to protect against microbial spoilage and to the optical enhancement. The body with allergic reactions can respond. Nettle rash, itching or skin and eye redness, itching, eyelid or lip swelling, palate swelling, thickening of the piece up to the shortness of breath, runny nose and stomach, cramps or bloating, diarrhea or cough, shortness of breath and asthma are symptoms of food allergies.

The most dangerous reaction to allergens is the anaphylactic shock. Immediately after contact with large amounts of the allergen, it comes to a rapid drop in blood pressure because the permeability of the peripheral tissues is altered. The heart rate is increased, the patient is pale and may lose consciousness under certain circumstances. Without immediate treatment of anaphylactic shock leading to death; Food allergies be however very rarely fatal. However, you should avoid. Natural food alone are no guarantee can you are allergic even to lactose, nuts or gluten in the grain. The absence of unnatural additives but reduces the risk, to become the allergy-free eating. LPs / du

Aloe Vera

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But where in the world do you get such a great juice this Oh? My research about a good and especially lucrative provider went fruitlessly in the truest sense of the word. The next drank only green tea, because the Chinese or the Japanese there were? so finally for centuries have made good experiences. Well, is the cheapest of all the variants, there is finally also in Lidl and Aldi. But are included in the cheap products even sufficient nutrients? A question that can clarify only the least of them to the fullest satisfaction. A friend said then that it all anyway none of him, finally is but an old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away”and swears by it. So he drinks every day its litres Apple juice, of course not the sugar-enriched, that goes without saying, but the good, cloudy.

But, dear v, you’re sure that German apples are also all needed nutrients in it? I don’t think otherwise there’s not this huge boom in dietary supplements, which in addition to do something good for the health to the daily dietary intake in compressed form that… Just think about it. XanGo then unleashed the crackers largest for me: Chris a novel composition more different kinds of fruit: grape seed extract, Aloe Vera juice, pineapple and papaya extract from green tea, mangosteen East to juice, pear, grape, pineapple and Apple juice concentrate, panfried (anything not there was fat burner due to”and so…?), also concentrate of Orange, Tangerine and passion fruit juice, as well as apparently a shot lemon. Alone at the launch of this composition I ran along the water in the mouth and my brain produced vivid images of our Sri Lanka holiday before few years Palm trees, Sun, sand and sea, and Gudrun relaxed with a exotic cocktail in your hand in a deck chair. Aaahhh beautiful! From the dream, because brain, mouth and stomach have to wait a little while the juice is expected to come in the summer of 2007 on the German market.

Well, that never mind, because now we can us provide with information about the new Brazilian acai berry juice, by experts as the most complete, natural food”is known. What ever you may think I wellness drinks find class. Finally gone, where you each morning any thick, not interminable pills for the nutrient supply takes to slip. You go on the fridge, drink a mouthful of a delicious juice and know you did something for the healthy diet. It’s that simple. And tasty, at least sometimes. But which drink from the juice store “(ICH entschuldige Mich fur dieses Wortspiel) to take that you must decide yourself.” Much fun! Gudrun Anders

Healthy Diet

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The saying food and drink keep body and soul together everyone probably knows, but what should you pay attention to feed ourselves healthy, nutritious and balanced? In the today’s rich food supply, it is not always easy to navigate and also the dietary recommendations in the media are not always helpful, but more confusing. But […]