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Church House

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It is not easy given reconstruction personality, its new adaptation of the society from which she fell. We took a random histories hundred patients, drug addicts. Because of the drug 57 people left the former place of employment, 28 continued to work, but felt the discrepancy position to its physical and moral condition: because of drug use have lost contact with others, to lose speed reaction to events and information, confusion arose thinking. After the course treatment, we recommend that patients continue to medics worked out for him the rehabilitation program. Help evaluate the effectiveness of questionnaires, which we send to former patients. – Who are your patients? – Ask me in Church House, and I do not know how to briefly describe these different people.

Among the many that I remembered were his father and the son of Armenian family living in the Caucasus. I was struck by his father, a man 50 years old, had used drugs since his youth. On my memory this is almost the only meeting with a chronic drug addict, before this age. He changed a lot of classes, rose to director of the winery and 20 years in a row every day, in secret from everyone, stick to 10 grams of opium solution ("hunks"). Dose did not raise that does not lose his head, but do not stop thinking, having read that the sudden failure of the drug threatens physical pain. Only in the last two years, when an addict has grown up son He rushed about in search of solutions. To speak with his son about the dangers of drugs does not make sense. And then my father decided to engage in a confessional conversation the whole family.

There were tears, it was desperation, but calmed down when, intuitively made a wise Solution: father and son should quit injecting drugs at once, simultaneously and together to begin drug treatment. In-law brought both in Bishkek. Therapists tried to lift his father and the son of self-esteem and convince them that they bear responsibility for their lives, for what it everyone turn out. They dutifully completed the full course and three weeks later parted with the doctors. And then some time later his father re-appears in the center. – My son and I have decided in our city to open a drug treatment center. Let us together? Eighteen months in the Caucasian town of running the clinic for addicted patients, created by father and son. They have a new look at the world, and they like working with people, communicate with them, help them for life. I thought of them in Church House, a conference hall when my ear caught the words, the essence of which we also confess: treating the patient as a person with a potential better than cure defective personality

Health and Enzymes

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One of the main components of the correct attitude to health is regular use of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. But is there such a product, provided that it will be Natural, which contains everything? Yes, this possibly is – dietary Garant. Nutrition Guarantor consists of two kinds – extracts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and vegetable fiber-filled composition of extracts of berries, leaves and roots of various plants. Unlike many products that extraction is performed at a temperature not exceeding 45oC. In this case, is fully preserved all the natural balance, removes only the cellulose and water.

As a result, one teaspoon of extract equivalent to one liter of berries, and it was fresh, not lost its miraculous properties. Enzymes to digest in the body consumed by our food should be split into proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This work is done by enzymes – protein molecules that are found mostly in raw plant foods. Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 47 C. Above 49 C the enzymes become inert, and at a temperature of 54 C most of the enzymes destroyed. Enzymes make the food raw, organic. The absence of such foods leads to disease. Food, devoid of enzymes, the body is perceived as a toxic product. Lack of enzymes not only impedes the process digestion, but also leads to problems such as heartburn, excessive gas, food allergies, blood clots in blood vessels (thrombophlebitis), headaches, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, weight gain, premature aging, a decrease in resistance to various stresses.