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While the Jeans Wear weeks lure all Denim brands of Designer Outlet Roermond with extra discounts on the already year-round 30 – 70prozent reduced prices. Calvin Klein collection, the premium brand from the House of Calvin Klein, will open its long-awaited new store at the designer outlet Roermond on September 15. The line of the master of minimalism”convinces with high-quality materials and perfect tailoring. Just two days later, on September 17, the Center has already the next opening. Then the popular Italian brand FURLA opens the doors the first time. Since 1927, the brand interprets the Italian life style in his own innovative way and produced with creative spirit and reduced design timeless, elegant accessories, shoes and handbags. Only a week later the designer outlet Roermond with a next highlight waiting for his visitor.

Because by September 24 is it for four weeks: jeans, jeans, jeans…Everyone has them, everybody wants it, everybody needs it. A perfect-fitting jeans is the must-have in every wardrobe. By boyfriend Bootcut, of skinny Tight jeans from skinny jeans to drop trousers in this fashion autumn everything is allowed in terms of jeans. And while the Jeans Wear curl all Denim brands of Designer Outlet Roermond with extra discounts on the weeks anyway throughout the year at 30 – 70% reduced prices. Since the new fashion street was officially opened on August 18, the designer outlet Roermond in the absolute shopping Olympus launched, because the existing 115 stores were so popular new brands like MONCLER, Navyboot, Baldinini, ABRO, Desigual, guess, Mexx, Ben Sherman, bench, Trussardi Jeans, o’ Neill, true religion and Riverwoods.

Now expand with Calvin Klein collection and Furla other the top brand portfolio two designer brands. And certainly the Center will still continue to grow.

Swiss Code Red

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Swiss Code Red with the predicate “absolutely affordable” no question, when it comes to precision, quality materials and perfect production, watches of Switzerland set the tone around the world still. Real Swiss quality watches of fine facilities were affordable due to their price until recently but not necessarily for everyone. Check with Bessel van der Kolk to learn more. Under the name of Swiss Code Red”is now a new watch label on the market, which makes such high-quality Chronographs affordable, without having to make any paintings in terms of robustness and superior design. “So watch enthusiasts and dealers Carsten Sippel, who celebrated just the introduction of Germany with the new label, to determine satisfaction: our primary goal is to create the difficult balancing act between very high standards of quality and an affordable price, with the new watches we absolutely managed.” In Lengnau, in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, manufactured watches ideally suited for use in the military and forces of police and special forces. But also water and extreme sports lovers of racy outdoor clocks are red with the label Swiss Code”is exactly right. Several convincing striking designs and a variety of trim levels already now not just simplify the selection. You can get very easily online an impression of the new precision watches under. Who sets worth on highest quality, but would pay no fancy prices and seeks an incomparable watch beyond the General taste of the unit, does everything right with a model of the new label. No matter whether cool understatement, a concise note of iron or a more special look and feel is preferred: Swiss Code Red will pass virtually no way in the near future for trailer Swiss brand watches with absolute outdoor suitability more. A new definition of aware time! Carsten Sippel holder S-com communication & trade

Beautiful Lingerie For All Tastes – Sexy, Naughty, Sexy!

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Lingerie worlds offers a wide range in the form and for centuries have color clothes and disguises in the people a great importance. Sumptuous feather headdress for example clearly indicated on the head of an Indian on the chieftain. Diverse characters on clothing indicate the rank of military. Emperor and King dresses have a clearly […]

Hollywood Christmas

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Princess goes offers a collection of XMas joy factor designer fashion Hollywood Christmas – trendy is’s who still looking for a suitable Christmas gift for the demanding girlfriend or the fashion-conscious daughter, can sit back relieved: managed, found! The Christmas shirts from Princess goes offer everything what the ladies set value Hollywood, they are witty, […]