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Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann and subsidiaries with new, uniform appearance hospitals are increasingly competitive, and be measured against transparency and efficiency. The Potsdam large Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann with its 25 hospitals and departments meets these challenges. Step by step summarizes the Central Hospital, the polyclinic Ernst von Bergmann for ambulatory care and the retirement home under one roof communicative about. An important prerequisite for a successful implementation of the strategy is just the merging of the hospital and of the subsidiaries and the strengthening of the identification as a unit”, Steffen Grebner, says Managing Director Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann gGmbH. (Source: midnight Dec/07) Corporate Web design: about an overarching, unified Web presence designed health Park, exploit synergies and allows full freedom of movement but the individual, as independent companies.The Web design is the new corporate design of the companies in the health Park Potsdam first online order. New features will be integrated for example the current baby-Gallery”with the newborn. A banksman and an intranet for the employee portal is docked directly on the site.

Trend on the Web: patients find out more patients tell very differently on the Internet. Not only scientific analysis of the Heidelberg Institute of medicine marketing, but also experiences showed that out of the practice. This trend has been taken into account in the new appearance. A new content management system allows the update of the content directly by the individual departments. A target group oriented navigation facilitates the patients, but also referring physicians or service providers, as well as the employees. The spot-media AG, which gained new customers, provided the overall concept in close cooperation with our own Department for public relations, developed the Web design and took over the whole programming (CMS). Damaris Hunsmann, Presserefentin Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann: the role of the Communication is becoming increasingly important for all clinics. We see this as one of the most important channels to patients, to inform but also banksman and doctors up-to-date about us. the Internet” “Jan shoe foot, head of IT at spot-media AG: together with the customer we have installed a comprehensive CMS and thus a future-proof, current Web presence can lay the groundwork for the group as a whole.” Press contact: Kevin Wiegmann e-mail: URL: URL:

Mozilla Thunderbird

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In the course of time, it can however ever happen that you no longer clearly comes with an email address, but you additional addresses needed. You can obtain these of course also with his provider, however this is often associated with additional costs. For this reason, it is advisable to create new addresses via a Freemail provider. On the Internet there are many such providers in all countries of concern. Typically you will be inclined however to choose a Freemail provider from German-speaking countries, where this is not necessary. A few of the most popular Freemail are provider GMX Freemail, and of course Google mail. Also the choice of individual providers involves first to find out about the strengths and weaknesses, and to assess accurately what you actually need. For most people probably plays the most important role a such provider of email maps to address how much disk space.

Usually get multiple 100 MB of storage space for a free email which is enough for hundreds of emails. The provider with the largest free space was probably Google remain, offering equal space in the gigabyte range. However, is to use the Google services not for everyone and also privacy advocates is a thorn in the side. With a little research you can find the provider, which are a sympathetic and which meet all personal requirements but definitely. There are also some a few providers, the rooms the customers unlimited disk space a, what is also very interesting.

Email and the issue of security encryption with PGP usually dealing with emails is very easy and it doesn’t take long until you understood the concept and diligently can communicate with his friends or business associates of some E-Mail. However one should be also a few thoughts on the subject of safety, a factor is important in the Internet. Emails will be sent generally unencrypted over the Internet. This means in plain language that everyone in between are the router with the appropriate bodies about the possibility has to read the emails. For this reason, should one important data make sure to send his E-mails always encrypted over the Internet. Where most E-Mail programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, you need only a small plugin with which you can encrypt email using PGP. The most Freemail providers offer extensive articles and information so that you can encrypt its E-Mail traffic quickly and easily as a customer.